2006-04-21/22 Hiking

GP and I went down to the Skyline Drive and did some backpacking. We started/ended at the exact same parking lot where SU dropped me off for my first/second days of my Skyling Drive / Blue Ridge Parkway bike trek in 2004. We hiked the A.T. to Little Devil's Stairs, then north into the valley, then camped somewhere North of the Skyline Drive in the valley. Rain rolled in just after we made camp, and it never stopped. The hike was originally planned for Friday-Sunday, but when we got back up to the ridgetop on Saturday, we decided to call it an early trip. We were cold and wet, and our legs were TOAST. GP massively overpacked (two locking carabiners and 30 feet of webbing? Smooth move, GP!), my legs were simply not used to carrying a pack. As I type this (Sunday afternoon), my quads are still tweaked.

Although it wasn't quite the trek we originally planned, I still had a blast. It was nice to be out hiking again. I hadn't been on a purely hiking trip in quite some time. And with the beating my legs took, I feel quite comfortable calling this a good fitness-builder hike.