2006-04-27 Masters Swim

2x[200 pull, 200 kick, 200 swim] WU, then 100/300/500/300/100 (I lost count during my 500, probably did more like 100/300/550/100/100), 8x25 hypoxic (did much better this time... focused on not swallowing air and constantly breathing out through my nose). 100 cooldown. I did 200 breast to make up for whatever I missed on the pyramid.

Note: When breathing left, I turn hard left. Must work on this.

I'm actually somewhat surprised by the "all freestyle, all the time" workouts at Masters. The Masters group in Raleigh, who used to start after my adult stroke development class, always did a lot of back/breast/butterfly. I might have to start swimming on, say, Sundays, and make Sunday a "non-freestyle" focus day. I have rather enjoyed working on back/breast/butterfly. I quite thouroughly suck at all of them, but I like learning new things. Earlier this year I was trying to develop an IM, but I seem to have let that goal slide.