2006-04-29 PSP Metric Century+

71.25 miles.

PA State Police Metric Century ride with most of the chaingang.(chaingang is the name of the the mailing list for cyclists @ work.) I think almost the entire gang was there. Me, Tex, JL (Mr. CL), and GP drove over in JL's truck, where we met DL (up from Philly for the ride) and MH. The ride was very, very, very well done. Beautiful scenery, nicely rolling hills, and wonderful support from the PA State Police cadets. There were several loop rides available, but we did the two loops that make up the Metric Century (plus a return trip to the start between the loops, which is why the ride was 71.25 instead of 62). I actually felt pretty good after the ride. I took it slow and easy, and ate like a hog the entire ride. Even J felt pretty good. My previous long ride on J was quite a bit shorter. I expected more saddle/neck/arm pain, but it never really appeared.

Weather was *perfect*. I was wearing fleece tights and fleece arm warmers, and was cool at the start but fine by the end. Not a cloud in the sky, and low humidity.

Now I have to figure out what my plan is for the next month. I have my first race of the season in two weeks, and I'm not even close to being prepared for the run. I think I'm going to alternate hard/easy weeks for the next four, then reset and figure out what to do after my first two races. I'm not expecting much from either of my first two races, but I might be able to get myself into shape for my August races.

(Oh yeah, one thing about today's ride that I didn't like was the total, complete, utter lack of eye-candy. Come on! It's a bike ride! In the spring! And Mark is single! There couldn't have been even *one* cute, single, non-lesbian female there? Argh! I hate springtime!)