2006-05-07 Brick

37.25 miles, 3900' of climbing. Nice day for a ride. I was at work for a while, and GP mentioned he was thinking about a ride that started/ended at work. That played nicely with my schedule, so we rode from work, over Sterrit's Gap (HR never went above 165 until I pushed it!), down into the next valley, then west for a while over some non-trivial rollers, then we took 74 up and over Waggoner's gap. Waggoner's gap is a wonderful climb... long and steady with two switchbacks. We were passed on the way up by two riders from a group of six (GP caught back up to one of the guys by the top, I stayed back). As we started our descent on the south side of the gap, we saw three more folks coming up. Looks like Waggoner's Gap was the party spot today! After Waggoner's gap, I declared "Big Chainring In the Front All The Way Back", and we really picked up the pace. After we got back, GP joined me for a quick transition run. In true "Ex 400 meter runner in high school" fashion, he took off at 11 mph (according to his GPS.) That's 5:27/mile, folks. My fastest mile ever was 6:30. I started peppering him with questions like "[gasp] do you [gasp] always [gasp... gasp...] run [gasp] this [gasp] fast? damn" Thankfully, he lost some steam after... about 400 meters (high school flashback, G?) and we finished off the run at a more reasonable pace.

Good training ride. If I had about three dozen more like this under my belt, I would probably be almost ready for my race next week :-).