2006-05-13 Racquetball

Racquetball with BK. Four games, with the loser in at least three of them (Hrmm... can't remember the 4th) scoring 13+ points. Close games!

Registered for tomorrow's race at Pinchot park. The other folks at the race (I saw Andy from my masters swim group) all looked quite fit... Should be a good race! The water temp was in the low 60's, which will make for a bracingly cold swim. Let's hope my wetsuit is up to the task!

I've been doing very short/easy spins on the bike trainer all week, but nothing more than that. I'm hoping that I'm "properly tapered" and not just "a massive slacker" :-). I feel approximately the same as I felt this time last year, and I totally lucked out on my race then... let's hope lightning strikes twice! (I'll still get clobbered on the run, but that will be nothing new.)

I think I'm gonna shave my legs to get me in race mode. I noticed during the registration today that shaved legs are part of "The Look" that every aspiring badass wannabe triathlete needs. I might never be fast, but at least I can look fast and have a fast bike :-). The problem is that I've shaved my legs before, and I always hate the maintenance work. How do women keep their legs shaved all the time?