2006-05-16 Swim

A bunch of folks from the Masters class are doing a triathlon this weekend, so it was a light day... which was fine with me. I've been hobbling around work the last two days because I can hardly walk. WU = 400 pull / 200 kick / 400 swim, then 3x100 descending and 3x200 descending (I did 200/150/150). Then I forget what. Then we worked on flipturns. G showed me a better technique for my arm movement during the turn, and someone else showed me yet again another technique which will help when I arrive at the wall with an off-time stroke. With some practice at both of these techniques, I think I can start throwing down some better flipturns, which will save a few seconds per lap, which will give me longer rests, etc., etc.

For the descending sets, I was splitting a lane with Tex (from work) and AG (the winner of my age group... by nine minutes... in last weekend's race). Holy crap those dudes are fast!