2006-05-18 Swim

As always, I can't remember the specifics of the workout tonight. WU = 4x[50 one arm, 100 swim], 4x[100 swim, 50 kick]. My right shoulder was still a bit sore from last weekend... nothing serious but I decided not to push it. So I moved to the outside lane and did a mix of one arm (left), breast, and drills.

During the 4x[100 swim, 50 kick], I did the 100's hard. I did three of them in 1:23-1:25 each, which is equal to the fastest I've ever done 100's. Go me! I think the time gain is due in large part to my new flipturn technique. When I was off by half a stroke, I did a catchup + double-pull into the flip, and when I was on my normal timing I forced myself to leave both arms behind me when starting the flip. This made a big difference. Probably a second per turn. I also decided to sacrifice my normally long strokes and go for some slightly higher turnover. This took me up to 15-16 strokes per length, but also gave me another breath or two. I ended these 100's feeling better than normal after a hard 100. Now I just have to figure out how to start increasing the length. My goal since I started swimming was to be able to do 100's on 1:30 (say, a 15 minute 1000). I've been stuck for a long time, but I feel like I might actually be on the edge of a breakthrough. Masters is really helping.

A bunch of folks from the group are doing an Olympic distance race in Columbia, MD this weekend, and a few of them are doing the Mt. Gretna race that I'm doing next weekend. D said it will be her first race ever.