2006-05-23 Swim

Swim. Got some video footage, which was quite useful. I uploaded some video from late in the workout (when I was tired), and the good folks on slowtwitch confirmed what I saw myself: My kick is horrid, and my left arm (my right, too, but not as much) is straight and drops. I suspect some of my arm issues are tied to balance while breathing, and the balance while breathing is tied to my kick. I've always ignored the kick, but I can see how a terrible kick would start a chain of events that leads to bad arm/head form as well. Short term focus list, all of which have been known issues for a while now:
  • Breath out instead of holding my breath!
  • All things kicking (narrower, and point toes)
  • High elbows, particularly on the arm opposite the breath

Was on the outside lane, and there was no lane divider between my lane and the lane next to me. Wave action was horrible. I actually got queasy at one point.

WU = various stuff, while futzing with the camera :)
Main set = ladder of 4x25,4x50,4x75,4x100,4x75,4x50,4x25
100 hard
I forget what else.