2006-05-27 Treadmill Run

'K. My piriformis syndrome appears to be gone, so it's time for me to try and crank up my running again. I don't think I've had enough variety in my run training in the past, so I bought a book (Daniel's Running Formula) which seems to do a good job explaining how to structure a running program to target certain goals. I think I'm going to need to start doing hills, intervals, strides, etc..

Tonight was pretty straightforward. WU, 1 mile @ 6.5mph @ 2.0% grade, then I wanted to know what it felt like to go fast, so I dropped the grade to 0% and upped the speed to 9.0mph. I didn't think I would be able to hold 9.0mph, but after 1/4 mile I thought "hrmm... let's see where this goes" and I kept it going. I actually managed a full mile, which was a pleasant surprise. 9.0mph is 6:40/mile, which is right around my fastest mile ever. (the 0% grade generally makes treadmill mileage easier, though). Last mile was 6.5mph @ 1.5% grade. Then I walked and stretched for a mile to warm down.

I'll probably regret going for a hard mile. But then again, I should have had a hard 3.1 miles in my triathlon earlier today :-).