2006-06-04 Bike

Went back to the same place I went with GP and MH last weekend (325, I think it was). Great road for constant-effort workouts. 10 minute warmup, then 54 minutes mod-hard (I was trying to make it to the intersection of 325 and whatever it hits, but never saw another road. I thought 22 miles was enough to make it. Odd.) The I turned around and went mod-hard until I was back to where I ended my warmup.

It was raining off/on the entire time, but was overall quite pleasant. I ended the ride a bit chilled, but not much.

I really like this road. Nothing but state game lands on either side the entire way. Little traffic. Nice road surface. And an A.T. crossing to get me in a good mood.

44.0 miles total, 21.0mph average, including warmup and cooldown. I was up to 21.3mph average at one point on the return trip. My computer might still be reporting high by a % or two.