2006-06-29 Bike

KL (the only member of the "chaingang" mailing list @ work with whom I have not yet ridden) was at the main office this week, so he brought his bike and GP and I went for a ride with him. GP had warned me that KL was fast... now I believe it :). I needed every last bit of Debra's aerodynamic goodness today. Luckily the course was flat, so my relative power disadvantage was mitigated by my relative aerodynamic advantage. We had to take a southern route today to avoid the Conodoguinet, which is flooded at more or less every crossing. All of our northern routes (toward the ridgeline) have their roads blocked. Nice ride today, though.

...considering HOW LONG I'VE BEEN SLACKING!!! I have no idea what happened, but I haven't been working out at all lately. No particular reason. I suppose it was the combination of rainy weather, a busy work schedule, mid-summer burnout, swim class moving to the outdoor pool (to which I would have to drive instead of walk), and projects which are consuming my evening time. Oh well. I really enjoyed the ride today, and would like to start getting back into the groove or riding during the week. There is a rumour that the new building is going to have its workout room (and, therefore, showers) ripped out. How annoying would that be? Luckily, at the rate the move date is slipping, we won't be in there until it is cool enough that I won't need to shower after :-).