2006-06-30 Bike

Afternoon ride with GP. He's been throwing down TT times on the climb up Miller's Gap, so it was time for me to set a baseline myself.

It was ugly. I saw 184 on the HRM at one point... the highest I've ever seen. I saw 183 while mountainbiking in NC a few summers ago, but 184? Cripes. I had to stop for a minute about 3/4 of the way up the climb. Final time (Wertzville to top of climb) was 13:58, which was a minute faster than I expected, even with the minute break. So I shouldn't complain tooooo much. GP was up in 11:55, close to his best time of 11:43. I can get down to 12:45 or so whithout too much fuss, but getting 11:43 is going to require some work... if I can do it at all. GP clearly has my number on climbs. He's lighter, and I'm usually on Debra, who isn't much of a climbing bike. On the old TT route, I still have the record, but the old TT route caters to Debra's strenghts. The Miller's Gap TT route is all about the engine and bodyweight, and GP has a comfortable lead on me in both categories.

Must... get... back... into... groove...