2006-07-11 Tennis

I was worried, playing tennis only a few hours after a crappy bike ride, but things worked out fine. BK joined AS, BH, and myself. I can take BK in racquetball, but when we played tennis in college, he absolutely whooped my ass. Hard. Every time we played. (Well, every time but one... I'm not kidding. I only beat him once in all the times we played. And I'm not proud of how I behaved to get the win :-)) Luckily for me, he was off his game a bit. He was making the kind of unforced errors that I was making when I started playing tennis again just recently. When his game comes back on form, I'm quite sure he'll be humiliating me just as much as always :-).

My serve made a nice appearance, and I wasn't even making quite as many unforced errors as normal. I was still making more than I like, but overall I was winning points on good hits as often as I was losing them on errors.

Borrowed AS's racquet while warming up. He has a "real" racquet, not like the crappy pre-strung pieces of junk that I've acquired. I couldn't believe what a difference it made. He said the strings were too loose, but I still hit the ball better with his racquet than my own. So that got me thinking: I can't be out-geared by a damn *kid*. I'm the guy with four bikes, two bowling balls, enough hiking/camping gear to outfit three everest expeditions, etc., etc. etc. If I can't be "Gear Guy", who am I? It's like I'll have lost all sense of identity! I've lost my sense of self before, and wasn't a fun experience.

...so as soon as I got home I scoured the net to find a good deal on a "real" racquet. No more cheap gear for Gear Guy, dammit. :-)