2006-07-16 Bike

Bike with GP, on possibly the flatest route possible in this area. just over 1,000' of climbing, but spread out of 36 or so miles. Trindle to 117 to 34 to Trindle and back. Managed to get down to Boiling Springs, for one of the local A.T. crossings that I hadn't been to since coming back to PA. Didn't stop at the ATC building there, though. I'll have to do that again sometime.

Nice flat ride. I was (literally) in the big ring in the front for the entire ride.

I couldn't believe how hot I got when we would stop at red lights. When riding, I was warm but it was bearable. But the instant we stopped, I would start to suffocate from the heat. Rumor has it that tomorrow is supposed to be 90+ degrees with a heat index of 108. Argh!

B is coming down tonight. She is using the Rebuck Cribs (mine and my father's) as her home bases for her search to figure out where she's gonna throw down some East Coast Style, after well over a decade doing it West Coast Style. Maybe I can drag her out to get some excercise with me at some point.