2006-09-02 Swim

Nearly every time I've dragged my videocamera to the pool, I've screwed up the settings, resulting is mostly useless footage. Tonight I was determined to get some solid tape. So I invested 30 minutes or so making a solid rigging for my underwather camera housing. And I remembered to set the camera to the proper settings (infinite focus, sports mode, exposure +.) The resulting footage was quite educational. I saw that I have made some slight progress on my historical problem areas (I'm not leaning on my left arm as much, and I'm keeping my elbows higher), but my kick is still horrific, I'm still overrotating to my breathing side, and my toes aren't pointed at all.

I saw a few interesting videos of a female swimmer doing a two-beat kick. I've never tried to do a two-beat kick, but it looked interesting. I suspect a two-beat kick would make a lot of sense for me. I also suspsect it is what I do naturally when I'm wearing a wetsuit. But I've never filled myself swimming in a wetsuit. I think I'm going to try to the two-beat kick next time I'm at the pool. I'm also going to film myself in my wetsuit. With both a camera and a wetsuit, I think I'm going to set some kind of World Dorkiest Guy At A Swimming Pool Record. I'm glad I don't have enough pride to give a crap how I look :-).

Masters moves back to the indoor pools starting Tuesday. I think. The pool area is still under construction, so I'm not sure if they will be open for masters yet. I'm looking forward to masters again.