2006-09-09 Racquetball

Went to the Y earlier in the week to pick up some guest passes, and the gal at the desk decided it was too much trouble to ring me up, so she just gave me a free punch-card with six passes. Score! I used one pass to get Tex into masters swimming, and another to get BK in to an aborted racquetball game yesterday, but still had plenty of freebies to spare. So this morning I used two of the passes to play cut throat racquetball with Team Bill (B[K/H]). Cut throat is fun... you really have to be on your game when you are on offense, and it is hard coordinating your play on defense because you opponent/partner change every point.

General level of play was high, and fun was had by all.

Beth is coming back from Richmond (her new home!) later today, but I'm planning to hit a bike ride at some point.