2006-09-10 Bike

Fantastic weather for a ride. GP IM'd me and said:

[13:53] mrgalihad (Gerrit): you up for a ride this afternoon?
[13:54] MarkARebuck: yep. gonna have to be something not too long or fast, though, as i'm waaaaaayyyy undertrained.
[13:55] mrgalihad (Gerrit): how about 30-40 miles?
[13:55] mrgalihad (Gerrit): not hard
[13:55] MarkARebuck: that should be doable. 2 hours-ish.
[13:56] mrgalihad (Gerrit): it involves going over the ridge
[13:56] mrgalihad (Gerrit): but I'm going to take it very easy today

It somehow slipped my memory that GP was the guy who went out for a "quick 30 miler" that ended up being over 70. Oops.

So, 48+ miles, 3500 feet of climbing, and one emergency-Gatorade-refill stop later... I've got my ride logged for the day. Today's route was up to and over Sterrit's Gap, then down into the next valley, over the next ridge, then back. Four good climbs today. I started out STRONG but couldn't keep up with my hydration and fuel intake, so I had a rough time on the way home.

I was on J today because Debra is down for maintenance and installation of her fancy new PowerCranks. Hey, it's hardly a year in MarkWorld without at least one frivolous cycling gear purchase, eh? I hadn't been on J in ages, but she was still more comfortable than I expected. My hands and butt were a bit sore at the end (as expected), but other than that I felt pretty comfy on her.

Grrrrrreat weather lately. Riding in PA in the fall can be damn pleasant!