2006-09-14 Swim

Masters. Walked in, went over to the lanes, noticed I was the only guy. The other seven folks were all female. Nothing will make a dude feel self-aware faster than standing in front of seven women while wearing only a speedo :).

My testosterone must have be ragin', because after the warmup, we did 100 sprints. I came in at 1:16, which is a hefty 5 seconds faster than my previous fastest 100!!! That's huge! K was in the lane next to me, and after the first turn she got 1/3 body length lead. Super-competitive-jerkwad mode kicked in and decided to not let her get a full body length by the end. She did, but only just barely :). I forget the rest of the workout, as always. We mostly do freestyle sets from 50-300 yards, so any one workout is more or less like the rest. I was so bored with freestyle that by the end I tossed in some butterfly. Coach Andy pointed out a few things about my fly, but I was too tired to really try to put any of them to practice tonight.

2500 (?) total. I can't remember.