2006-10-31 Lunch ride & updates

I'm in my "end of year, work out when I feel like it, but don't push it" mode. My right shoulder is somehow tweaked, and it isn't getting better. Not sure what to do about it, but I suspect I won't be swimming too much for the next month.

I've doing trainer rides on Debra, but they are mostly short rides because I still haven't built up enough endurance/confidence on my PowerCranks.

Today GP/MH/I did a ride from lunch. We hadn't been doing lunch rides since... uhhh... A DAMN LONG TIME AGO. Not sure of the ride stats, as I'm not wearing my HRM or even looking at my stopwatch during my workouts.

Key concepts to get me through the end of the year: Get back to having fun during workouts, fix all nagging injuries, and prepare to absorb a solid January-April training block.