2006-12-11 Bike Trainer

'k. the sloth has to end. time to start working out regularly again, and logging my workouts. my sloth is starting to affect my mental state, and i can't allow that. i have enough stress in my life already (Dreyfus having an incurable cancer, the holidays, my non-existent love life, career concerns, etc.)... i know from previous exerience that getting back in to a regular workout routine is good for my spirit.

tonight was another bike trainer ride. expect to see a lot of these, as they are working my running muscles quite effectively, and it's too damn cold to run anyway :-). 30 minutes. first ten sucked as my hip flexors and hammies just didn't want to move. next ten were great... best i've felt on the powercranks. next ten were sloppy as my form broke down from getting tired.

gotta get back to the pool again. maybe i'll get my butt back to masters! i was in the pool a week or two ago, but i lacked the motivation to do much. i think i eneded up doing 2000 yards, with no set longer than 250.

weight is stable in the upper 170's, but body composition is a bit off.