2006-12-13 Bike Trainer

I think I'm doing the "30 minutes on the bike trainer with powercranks" thing a wheeeeee bit too often. Nonetheless, I can't go much longer than that, and going for less than that doesn't give me the satisfying "I worked out" vibe that I want. Luckily, my weak muscles are balancing out, so longer rides (or rides at higher cadence, or whatever) are going to become a possibility soon.

I found out yesterday that Masters Swimming is moving, effective tonight, to a new (and MUCH less convenient!) pool. I'm trying to decide what to do about this. The simple fact is that I almost never go to the YMCA except to swim, so moving locations isn't a big deal. It would add 30 minutes to my round-trip swim times, but that isn't a big deal. JL (coworker, and damn fast triathlete) suggested maybe we could carpool, which would be nice. Hrmmm... we'll see. Historically, I'm not able to get good swim workouts on my own. The Masters class really pulls me up a bit.