2007-03-13 Lunch Ride

Lunch ride. First ride wearing my bib shorts and speedplay pedals, and first outdoor ride with PowerCranks. I spent most of the ride just trying to get comfy on the new settup. My right leg really wants to move (twist) during the pedal stroke, which the speedplay pedals allow, but which felt weird. As far as the PowerCranks were concerned, the weird part wasn't the hills, as I expected, but the flats/downs. I didn't realize how much I normally coast. Coasting on the PowerCranks is weird. I think the end result is that the PC's encourage me to ride with more constant power, both within a single pedalstroke and over different terrain. This caused a lot of yo-yo issues with GP/MH, who definitely surge/rest.

Anyway... fun stuff. I enjoyed riding outside for a change! The weather has been brutally cold. 50 minutes or so.