2008-05-27 Swim + Run

Swim was 8x100 (meters... I'm used to 25 yards, but the pool at LA fitness is SCM, not SCY) All but 150 of the swim was free, and I was taking longish breaks between the 100's. Trying a few new tweaks to my swimming, so things felt strange. I think I need to do another round of videotaping myself. My swim form feels lousy, and I haven't gotten at all faster in more than two years.

Run was 1.0 miles @ 8:33/mile (7.0mph), then I walked until my HR dropped below 100, then I belted out 0.5 miles @ 6:39/mile (9.0mph). The fastest I've ever run a mile was a 6:30something, so I feel good being able to do 0.5 miles at approximately the same pace on a treadmill. With some work, I think I could be in "Mark Rebuck Mile PR" shape. HR was up to 170 by 0.25 miles, and finished at 174.