2008-05-19 Racquetball + Run

60 minutes of racquetball with WDH. First game was a warmup, during which I played well. Second game was the start of our $-games... We decided last Friday that maybe it was time to take our amature game to the big leagues. To make it fair, we decided that that I should give 3:1 odds. Naturally, Bill took off like a champ when the $ was down, vaulting to a 13-4 lead. This was when [cue the dramatic music] Mark's Patented "Super-duper-jerkwad-who-refuses-to-lose Mode" kicked in. I fought back to take the game (and the $1.00 :-)) 15-13. The third game wasn't quite as close, but I managed to win that one too. Bill's heart rate averaged 138 for the hour, and he is in much better cardio shape than me, so I'm guessing I got a good workout too.

Then I did my nightly run. The first mile just sort of drifted by (9:13/mile). I decided to do the next stretch faster, so I started bumping up the speed every 0.1 miles. The final 0.1 was done at 9.0mph / 6:39/mile. Total was 2.13 miles in 18:00 minutes. Then I walked 0.5 miles to cool down.