2008-05-22 Weights + Run + Swim

A few quick sets of various upper body stuff (at which I was WEAK), then a 2.0 mile run on the treadmill (9:13/mile), then 500m of swimming. On the swim, I tired quickly, so my form went to hell, so I got more tired... It was ugly. By 500m, I was pretty well spent. I hereby nominate the phrase "it's like swimming" to mean the opposite of "it's like riding a bike". I can hop on a bike after years off, and instantly feel comfortable and smooth. I might be weak, but my pedaling form will be just fine. With swimming, it takes me a long time to regain my form. And swimming is easier when you have good form, so there is a negative feedback loop in the form of -> tire quickly, lose form, tire even faster, lose more form, get out of pool and wonder how you let yourself get this far out of swimming shape.