2008-05-31 Run

Treadmill run @ Mary Beth's Sister's crib.

My pre-workout meal was an all-you-can-eat seafood dinner. I stuffed myself silly because I needed to "get my money's worth" from the $59.00 meal :-). I'm talking about 18 king crab legs, 12 steamed shrimp, 12 clams, 6 fried shimp, a crabcake, a crab, and a few french fries. And some beer.

Run was on Cassie's treadmill. It was a weird treadmill, both bouncy and incapable of keeping a constant pace. It would slow on footstrike, then accelerate on pushoff. 1.0 mile @ 7.0mph... maybe... I couldn't judge he accuracy of the speed. Then 0.5 miles at 8.0mph, and enough mileage at 6.0mph to bring me up to 15 minutes. My tummy was hurting way too much to do any more.

22 days in a row of running at least one mile!