2008-06-07 Run + Swim

Didn't feel like running outside today (it's 95 degrees or something absurd like that). So I went over to the LA Fitness for a treadmill run. 1.0 @ 9:13 (final HR=130), 1.0 @ 8:00 (final HR=150), then a walk until my HR hit 120, then 1.0 @ 6:39 (HR at 178-182 for the entire thing). 6:39 for a mile is damn near a PR for me. I'll have to try a hard mile outside sometime to see if I can beat my old record. Cooldown walk after, to bring my total time up to 30:00. I think it was 3.6 miles for the 30 minutes.

Swim after was lame. Mostly just slow, bilateral breathing, forcing myself to swim almost catchup strokes. As soon as my form went to hell (about 500 meters), I switched to breastroke or drills. Then I was done.