2008-06-10 Bike Commute + Updates

Commuted by bike today. I'll post my weekly bike commute totals here, but I'm not going to post every ride. I don't take the Carlisle Pike, which would be the most direct route. I go South to Trindle, then over and up to 114. 6.4 miles, nice shoulder on the road for most of trip, relatively flat... good stuff. Wouldn't be a workout on Debra or Amy, but I did the ride today on J (she's the one with the PowerCranks), and will probably continue to do so. 20+ minutes on the PowerCranks makes it a workout, but not one that kills me.

Run streak is at 31 days and counting! Doing short/frequent runs and stretching after almost every one is helping with the constant near-injuries on my right side. I don't feel any pain any more, but I also don't feel 100% solid. I have a feeling that I would get injured if I tried to bump up my mileage much.