2008-08-16 Lewisburg Triathlon

I'll try to do a longer writeup later. Short version:

First triathlon in two years. Mary Beth and I have been crazy-busy on the weekends, so my workouts have been limited to my daily runs. Training for the summer was two bike rides, four swims, and many short runs. Weight was 20 pounds over my target race weight :-).

Swim: Short (300 yard) pool-based swim, with racers starting every 20 seconds. Caught the dude in front of me early. Couldn't get past him. I thought he was going to drown. Apparently my entire age group is incapable of swimming, because the dude in front of me got 3rd/24, and I got 1st/24 in our age group. First! On the swim! While stuck behind traffic! I guess the swim really is a non-issue in this race :-).

T1: Uneventful

Bike: Hammered it the entire way. Course was WAY hillier than in 2006. I paid for it. Quads were on fire the entire time. Got passed twice, once at the start of a long climb, once near T2. I hate getting passed on the bike. Passed a bunch of slowpokes who were seeded higher in the swim order, but nobody who looked like competition.

T2: Uneventful

Run: Started well, faded fast. Couldn't keep my HR up. The bike simply took too much out of me. Oops. I'm used to being trained on the bike but not on the run. This time I was trained for the run, but had nothing to give after the bike.

The final standings were a bit of a surprise. I got 4th/24 in my age group, which is my best finish ever on a percentile basis. But 3rd place was NINE minutes ahead of me. And I wouldn't even have been in the top half of the 40-44 age group. So it was a very weak race, with a good result. Go figure.

Leg Time OA Rank AG Rank Pace
Swim 0:05:56 26/136 1/24
T1 0:00:42 53/136 7/24
Bike 0:46:11 34/136 4/24 19.2mph
T2 0:00:45 57/136 9/24
Run 0:26:23 61/136 11/24 ~8:07/mile (3.25 miles)
Total 1:19:57 41/136 4/24