2008-08-18 Updates

Today's run made it 101 day in a row! Some of those days were only a mile, but hey, even a mile is beter than sittin on the sofa all day.

The runs definitely helped in my triathlon Saturday. Even with major quad-burn for the entire bike, and a painful run leg, I was able to walk around just fine Sunday and today. I'm normally a cripple for a few days after a race, and I think the reason is that I rarely do more than a run or two in the month before the race :-). My run pace in Saturday's race was awful (~8.07/mile), but I think the reason is that I a) killed myself on the bike, and b) am 20 pounds over my desired race weight :-). I'm going to try to strip off some weight over the next few months, and I expect to see my run speeds go up as I take off the weight.

I'm also going to try to build to a consistent 25 miles/week of running, then add cycling as often as practical.