2008 Year in Review

2008 was really all about my running. I more or less ignored swimming and cycling all year, and only did one triathlon. But I did get my butt out for a few runs. My "run at least one mile every day" streak started May 10th, and is still going strong at 237 days as I type this!

As the chart below shows, I'm still taking my time to ramp up on my running. For the year, I managed 682.55 miles in just under 107 hours (9:24/mile average pace). I also managed to lose... uhhh... not even a single ounce of weight :-). I weigh almost exactly what I weighed this time last year. Oops.

My goals for 2009 are pretty simple:

  1. Do at least one triathlon
  2. ...and have a respectable run leg during the race.
  3. Do 100 pushups in one set (part of a competition with some coworkers)
  4. Continue my run streak until at least May 10th, completing an entire year.
  5. Get my weight back to something about which I'm not embarassed :-).
  6. Update this blog more often. I know how much y'all hang on my every word.