2009-01-25 Weekly Update

I'm going to start doing weekly updates. My week ends on Sunday, so I'll do the updates Sunday evening or Monday.

Run streak still going strong. Daily minimum is 30 minutes (for Slowtwitch.com's 100/100 challenge). I don't really want to push more, because I have that "on the edge of injury" feeling. I'm still getting 25-30 miles/week, which is just fine for now.

Still not doing any swimming or cycling. Still giving lip service to doing more swimming or cycling :-).

Monday: 3.51 miles, 30:02. Treadmill. Increasing pace starting @ 15:00.

Tuesday: 3.31 miles, 30:01. Treadmill. Mix of inclines.

Wednesday: 3.25 miles, 30:00. Treadmill.

Thursday: 3.36 miles, 30:00. Treadmill. Boring!

Friday: 3.72 miles, 32:00. Treadmill after lifting with Waqar.

Saturday: 4.02 miles, 36:00. Treadmill.

Sunday: 6.24 miles, 58:38, HR avg. 143. Two laps at Wildwood, taking the East Shore Trail instead of the bike path on the East Side. F'ing cold, and I forgot running socks so I only had a thin pair of dress socks. And I forgot my mp3 player. Ooops. Nice run nonetheless.

Weekly total: 27.36 miles, 4:06:17, 9:00/mile (6.7mph) avg.