2009-02-01 Week in review

Once again, it was all-running-no-biking/swimming.

Monday: 3.32 miles, 30:00
Tuesday: 3.60 miles, 30:02
Wednesday: 3.40 miles, 30:02
Thursday: 3.45 miles, 30:01
Friday: 3.41 miles, 30:02
Saturday: 3.36 miles, 31:00
Sunday: 6.01 miles, 56:31

My Monday-Saturday runs were all on the treadmill at LA Fitness. Although they were all 30:00, I did manage to vary the speed and incline a bit... I can't stand doing the exact same workout day after day after day. Sunday's run was outside with wdh, np, eg, and j(?). It was extremely icy for the first two miles and the last 3/4 mile. The rest was on the concrete sidewalks. Blah. I would almost have preferred the treadmill!

Total: 26.55 miles, 3:57:38, 8:57/mile average.