2009-02-08 Week in review

Another all-run week. Been feeling generally good, but unmotivated to do long workouts. We had a nasty January (7 degrees colder than last January!), but hopefully February will allow more outside running. I love running in 40-50 degree weather.

Monday: Treadmill. 3.45 in 30:00. Started at 7.0mph, dropped speed after a while because my body just wasn't feeling it (tight calf muscles).
Tuesday: Treadmill. 3.50 in 30:00. Don't remember the details, but I think I was doing 6.8 for 20 minutes, then increased the speed until the end.
Wednesday: Treadmill. 3.30 in 30:00. Boooooring.
Thursday: Treadmill with wdh. 3.75 miles in 30:00. 6.8mph for 10 minutes, then +0.1mph/minute. Moved up even more to get to 9.0mph at the end of the 30:00. Felt great.
Friday: Treadmill. 3.25 miles, 30:00. HR cap at 140, adjusting incline to stay under cap.
Saturday: Two laps @ Wildwood with wdh. I was a whiny bitch after the hills started :-). I'm very, very weak on the hills these days!
Sunday: Treadmill. 3.51 miles, 31:00. All at 1% grade, 6.8mph.

Weekly totals: 27.07 miles in 4:04:55, for 9:03 pace. No specific injuries on the horizon, but I'm still doing massage and using my foam roller when I get a chance.

In other fitness news: I appear to be stalled in the high 30's in my pushup challenge. We usually do the challenge Monday afternoons, but I'm going to be at a client's site tomorrow, so I did my pushups today and only got 37. I think the extra energy from the fellas at work would have pushed me to 40, but it just wasn't there when I was on my own. Looks like it is going to take me a LONG time to get to 100!