2009-02-15 Week in review

Monday: 4.08 miles, 34:16. On Conewago trail on my way back from a client's site.
Tuesday: 3.75 miles, 34:00. Treadmill @ LA Fitness.
Wednesday: 3.25 miles, 30:00. Treadmill @ LA Fitness.
Thursday: Double. 4.0 miles, 34:00. Had a lot of anxiety (work... everything else is going quite well these days). The run didn't really help me deal with the anxiety, so I talked wdh in to joining me for a run at Wildwood. 3.51 miles in 30:04 for the second run.
Friday: 3.36 miles, 31:00. Treadmill @ LA Fitness.
Saturday: 5.02 miles, 45:36. One lap at Wildwood (taking the boardwalk and the East Shore trail to skip all of the hills :)), then out/back on the canal to bring it up to 5 miles.
Sunday: 3.25 miles, 30:00. Treadmill @ Desmond hotel in Malvern, where Mary Beth is at a conference. Treadmill was a bit weird, but the 30 minutes went quick because I had some good podcasts.

Total for the week: 30.22 miles, 4:28:56, 8:54/mile average pace. This is slightly more than the 10% bump I was looking for week-over-week, so I'll probably scale down this week to recover.

"Run at least 1.0 miles/day" streak is at 282 days... Jon's record is about to fall :-). Slowtwitch's "100 runs / 100 days" score is sitting at 63 runs in 62 days.