2009-02-22 Week in review

Yet another all-run week... but I swear, I'm going to start hitting the bike again soon!

Monday: 3.25 miles, 30:00. Treadmill @ Hotel near Philly. Right big toe was inexplicably sore at the start, but felt fine by the end.
Tuesday: 3.44 miles, 30:00. Treadmill @ LA Fitness. Caffeine with lunch had me wired. HR was lower than normal for the speed.
Wednesday: 3.46 miles, 30:00. Treadmill @ LA Fitness.
Thursday: 3.38 miles, 31:00. Treadmill @ LA Fitness. Felt sluggish.
Friday: 4.00 miles, 33:00. Treadmill @ LA Fitness. 5:00 @ 6.8mph, 1.0 mile @ 8.5mph, then down to 7.0mph until 4.0 miles. HR maxed at 160 during the 8.5mph stretch, which felt just fine.
Saturdy: 6.05 miles, 52:45. Conewago trail with Bill, Nate, Justin, Eric. Felt crappy at the start, but pretty good by the end. Did last mile hard, but started it WAY too hard, and faded at the half-mile marker. Last mile still came in at 7:12.
Sunday: 3.54 miles, 30:20. Treadmill @ LA Fitness. I intended to go longer, but lack of food and liquids had my body telling me to stop when my 30:00 was up.

Weekly total: 27.12 miles, 3:57:25 (8:45/mile avg. pace). Not a bad week. Will probably try to get back to 30 miles next week.