2009-03-01 Week in review

Another all-run week. But I'm in the process of doing my spring tuning on the bikes, so they will probably see some use soon :-).

Monday: 31:00, 3.35 mi. Just an easy cruise on the treadmill. Calves were both a bit tight.
Tuesday: 30:20, 3.34 mi. Blah. Boring treadmill run. Legs weren't feeling fresh at all!
Wednesday: 32:00, 3.4 mi. I'm guessing slightly on the distance. I had to switch treadmills twice, and forgot my mileage totals. I know the total time was 32:00, and I was running a mix of speeds between 6.5 and 7.1, so I'm guessing 6.8 average.
Thursday: 31:00, 3.5 mi. Had to switch treadmill 3 f'ing times. What's with all the broken treadmills lately?
Friday: 30:00, 3.6 mi. Started at 6.8mph, then after 15:00 I was bored so I started to up the speed every minute. I stopped bumping the speed up a few minutes before hitting 30:00.
Saturday: 31:06, 3.34 mi. One loop at Wildwood. Intended to do 2 loops, but just felt crappy the entire time.
Sunday #1: Treadmill. 30:00 min, 3.65 mi. Started at 6.8mph, bumped speed 0.1mph every 0.1 miles after (forget when I started). All at 0.5% grade. Was tired at the start, but felt ok by the end.
Sunday #2: 37:08, 3.75 mi. Decided to double up today, to make up for yesterday's puss-fest. Didn't plan on making this run a hilly one, but I couldn't stand the thought of a simple out/back, and the only option was to go up the ridge via 48th/50th. This run was cold and hard on the legs (on the roads instead of treadmill), but I'm glad I did it.

Weekly total: 28.13 miles, 4:12:35, 8:59/mile average pace. My legs never really felt fresh all week... but I guess that's what happens when you run every friggin' day :-).

Run-at-least-1.0-mile-per-day streak now at 296.