2009-03-09 Week in review

Monday: Run 30 min, 3.5 mi. Mix of inclines/flat. Legs felt pretty good.

Tuesday: Bike 17 min, 5.0 mi. Hehehehe. I'm actually logging a 17 minute bike ride. Oh well... Like my swim earlier, I'll measure it, so I'll manage it. Adamo saddle feels good, but definitely rough on my sitbones. I will adjust to that. The awesome part is the absolute lack of ANY pressure on my taint :-). Run 30 min 20 sec, 3.5 mi. Felt sluggish. Swim 10 min, 500.0 yds [Sigh] Maybe if I log them, I will do them more often? Who knows. Anyway, this was an awful swim. I was doing 100's, taking off at 2:00, but my times slid to 1:50/100 after only 4 sets! Gross! I know it comes back quickly, but... damn.

Wednesday: Run 30 min 39 sec, 3.27 mi. Run around the hood. Took the hilly route to burn some angsty energy.

Thursday: Run 34 min 5 sec, 4.0 mi. All 7.0mph, all 0.5% grade. Felt ok. No HRM strap, but the handles said 150 at the end.

Friday: Run 31 min 1 sec, 3.25 mi. Out/back near Derry st. Felt horrible! Probably because I at nothing for hours after yesterday's run.

Saturday: Run 55 min 26 sec, 6.2 mi. Two laps clockwise at Wildwood. Hills on first lap, lower trail + boardwalk + short out/back on wrong boardwalk on the second lap. Total distance is probably > 6.2 because the second lap distance was longer. But I'm calling it 6.2 because the extra mileage was dead flat instead of hilly. FIrst lap 26:44 (~7.0 mph, ~8:35mile), second lap 28:42. Pleanty of people+dogs enjoying the nice warm weather. First run in shorts + tee in a LONG time! Felt pretty good overall. No GPS or HRM, just my iPod as stopwatch.

Sunday: Run 30 min 15 sec, 3.4 mi. Only had my stopwatch, so I'm guessing the distance based on effort. Legs are sore from yesterday, which is actually a surprise. Yesterday's run didn't seem like it was *that* hard, and I did a good job of using the roller/stick after. Go figure.

Weekly totals: 27.12 miles running, non-zero amounts of swimming biking :-). I'm temporarily without SportTracks to help with average pacing, but overall it was an ok week.