2009-03-22 Week in review

Hrrmmm... Forgot to update last week. Last week was 25.59 miles, 3:45:42, 8:49/mile average pace.

Monday: 3.20 miles, 31:00. Down Derry St. and back.

Tuesday: 3.40 miles, 0:30:40. Again on Derry St.

Wednesday: 6.50 miles, 1:00:00. Stoney Creek trail. Wonderful spring day for a run. A slight guess on both the time and the distance, as I wasn't using my GPS, and only used my iPod on the return trip.

Thursday: 3.60 miles, 0:30:00. Treadmill.

Friday: 3.60 miles, 0:30:00. Clone of yesterday's workout, but I didn't plan it that way. I mixed up the speeds, but ended up going exactly the same distance.

Saturday: 3.20 miles, 0:30:56. Around the hood.

Sunday: 3.51 miles, 30:02. Treadmill. Have a slight head/chest cold, so I didn't want to push it. This run marked the 100th run of at least 30:00 in 98 days. Now that I'm done with the Slowtwitch 100/100 challenge, I can reevaluate what to do from here.

Weekly total: 27.01 miles, 4:02:38, 8:59/mile pace.