2005-04-28 Swim

Good swim workout tonight. 200 free warmup, then 300 back kick w/fins, 150 back kick, 200 back, 300 kick w/fins, 150 kick, 200 free, 150 breast kick, 200 breast, 100 butterfly kick, 300 butterfly (all in 25's, but I felt pretty smooth tonight... go me!), 200 breast and near-catchup free as cooldown. 2300 yards total.

I put some good effort into everything tonight. Usually I just putz around on backstroke, kick, or anything with fins.


2005-04-26 Swim

No workout yesterday. Was in a pissy mood, and wanted to sit around and feeling sorry for myself instead of doing something to better myself :-).

Today's swim was pretty straightforward. 200 warmup, 50 sprint, 100 kick, 200 drill, 300 swim, 400 pull, 400 pull, 300 swim, 200 drill, 100 kick, 50 sprint, 200 3-pulls-and-roll, 150 cooldown. 2650 total. Felt rather sloppy in the water the entire time.


2005-04-24 Treadmill Run

I'm telling ya... music makes a difference when running. Tonight I decided to run to Metallica's debut 1983 album "Kill 'em All." Holy ef'ing crap, that album KICKS BUTT!!! I was only planning on running 3.0 miles, but I didn't want to stop listening to the album, so I just ran until it was over. I even bumped up my speed at the end because I was so energized. My HR ended up going a little higher than planned, but I don't care. I felt like running faster, so I ran faster.

50 minutes, about 30 minutes @ 6.0mph/148HR, then increasing speed.

While I'm on the subject of Metallica, let me note just how much Metallica started so SUCK after their bassist (Cliff Burton) died. Kill 'Em All, Ride the Lightning, and Master of Puppets are perhaps three of the best albums ever recording... but after Master of Puppets (and Cliff's death), their music slid from mediocre (And Justice for All) to pathetic (The Black Album) to unmentionably horrid (everything since The Black Album). What a waste!


2005-04-23 Bike Trainer

45 minutes, 17.6mph average, lower-than-normal cadence.


2005-04-22 Treadmill Run

35 minutes, 6mph. Nothing complicated, but I want an easy week to get my legs used to running again. HR was lower than normal (146), until I got HOT (150). There was no air moving in the gym, and after 20 minutes or so I was sweating buckets. Ten minute stetch session after, with more stretching planned for later tonight.

Digital scale now says I'm 178 lbs, 15% bodyfat. This is about where I wanted to be at this time of year. I'm down 10 pounds of pure fat since the start of the year. If I can take off 8 more pound of fat, I'll be looking at 170 lbs. / 11% bodyfat. That would be awesome. I think I can get there by the middle of summer if I stay on the path I'm on. Historically, I can't get my weight much below 170. My body starts sending all the normal "I'm starving, give me ICE CREAM and CHOCOLATE... NOW!" signals.


2005-04-21 Bike Trainer

30 minutes on the bike trainer. Lower-than-normal cadence, for no reason in particular other than that's what I felt like :-). 18.2mph average.

I finally found a good way to get video of me on my bike. I simply had to hook up my digital camera to my VCR (I forgot I could do that!), then record as much as I please. With some good footage of my cycling form, I was able to notice a slight flaw in my position. I tweaked my position a bit after seeing the footage. I already felt comfortable on my bike, but the new position looks like it will be easier on my shoulders on long rides.

2005-04-21 Swim

Swim class. Didn't feel well at all, but finished the workout and got the heck outta the pool as fast as I could. 200 free warmup, 300x[fins,paddles,swim], 200x[fins,paddles,swim], 100x[fins,paddles,swim], 150 breast. 2150 total.


2005-04-20 Brick (40/11)

40 minutes on the trainer, then an 11 minute run to six forks and back via wood bend. I hit the run pretty hard, trying to make the legs go rubbery. Didn't work... they felt pretty smooth even from the start. Next time I'll hit the end of the bike hard too. Bike was 17.6mph avg., including the warmup.

Stretching (hips/butt/lower back/piriformis) after.


2005-04-19 Run

Unknown time or distance... probably ~4 miles in 40 minutes. Had the HR monitor on, but only to keep myself from going too hard. I felt ok as far as my legs/lungs are concerned, but my head/nose/throat are still suffering from whatever it was (allergies, I suppose) I've been fighting the last week.


2005-04-18 Weights/Yoga

Was planning on a light treadmill run in the PM, but the treadmill at the gym is broken. So I hit the weights instead. Leg curls, extensions, and presses. Three sets of each.

20 minutes of Yoga/Stretching after lifting. Feeling better, but still a bit congested, and I've had a nagging cough.


2005-04-15 Walk/Pilates/Stretching

Longish walk earlier in the day (to snag a geocache). The only running I was prepared to do today was the running done by my nose :-).

30 minutes of Pilates, then 30 minutes of stretching in the evening.


2005-04-14 M.I.A.

Wow, I really got knocked flat on my ass by pollen this year. Spent most of the day yesterday in bed. I'm definitely on the upswing now, but haven't been able to do any training for the last three days. I will probably be able to get back into the swing of things tomorrow.

On the upside, complete loss of desire for food has resulted in some weight loss. Not a good way to take off the pounds, but I have to find some kind of upside to the situation!


2005-04-12 Allergies!

The past few days, my truck has be covered with yellow gunk. I was thinking to myself yesterday how odd it was that allergy season wasn't affecting me this year. Oops! My eyes started bothering me last night. Then my throat. Now I've got that general crappy-all-over feeling. [Sigh]. I'm going to try to do some stretching/core work later, but only if I feel up to it.


2005-04-11 Bike Trainer

I didn't get a chance to ride outside today, so I decided to make tonight's trainer ride a hammerfest. After a warmup, and whipped out an hour at 18.1mph average. I had to do the last minute at 20+mph to get the average up from 18.0 :-). Last year, I did a workout that was 17.2mph for an hour, and I was absolutley thrilled. Woohoo!

My hip and butt are fine now, but my lower back is still tight. I hate the way injuries in this area tend to move around. When my hip hurts I favor the back of my legs instead of the front... so the butt or hamstrings hurt... which then makes my lower back tense. Argh! Gonna dedicate some time to hamstring/glute/hip flexor/lower back/piriformis streching later tonight.


2005-04-10 Bike Trainer

No HRM, and I forgot to put the computer back on the bike. I think it was 50something minutes. Mod-easy pace.


2005-04-09 Core/Stretch

A good 60 minute mix of core work and stretching, all while watching my DVD of 2004 Ironman Hawaii. Inspirational stuff, that DVD.

Weight is steady at the low 180's, but I'm happy to see my bodyfat % dropping. I don't imagine I'll be quite where I want to be by this time next month (for the White Lake Sprint), but I'm making progress. I finally shaved my legs again, so now I feel obligated to perform up to the image I'm presenting :-).

2005-04-09 Treadmill Run

30 minutes, starting at 6.0mph and building. No HRM. Right leg a bit stiff for the first 15 minutes or so.


2005-04-08 Treadmill Run

I thought for sure I was getting sick yesterday. I felt really lousy when I went to bed. I even woke up twice, both times thinking I was going to get sick. But by the time I woke up this morning, I felt absolutely fantastic. I guess it was the water I snorted during the swim workout.

I was going to take the entire day off in case I am in the middle of fighting off a cold/sickness of some sort. But then I decided that I was just making excuses, so I hit the treadmill.

30 minute easy run. No HR, but I was (as always, lately) sweating buckets.


2005-04-07 Swim

Swim. All back/breast. Warmup 100 back, 100 3-pull-and-roll. Main set 2x(100 back kick, 150 back pull, 200 back), 2x(150 breast kick, 100 breast pull (WEIRD!), 200 breast).

I snorted about a gallon of water during one of the early back sets. This left me in a pissy mood for the rest of the swim. I couldn't really focus on anything but my burning nose. The breast sets went quick, simply because I was pissed off and wanted to finish as soon as possible.

Sidebar: I expected to be wiped out from yesterday's ride. Instead, I feel fine. My legs feel almost fresh, even. Go figure. I did pop two advil before bed last night... could something that simple have done the trick? Hrmmm... I need to investigate this more.


2005-04-06 56mi Bike

Duke Half IM course again. I decided to go out a little bit harder than last time, just to see what happened. Strangely, my stomach had no problems at all. I had a Subway sub and a few diet pepsis before I started (peed clear twice before starting :-)). On the ride, I downed two large water bottles, each with 1 scoop of Gatorade and 1 scoop of CarboPro, and four ounces of Hammergel. I could have used more fluid and more food. My gel was gone by mile 40, and my fluids were gone by mile 50. When I finished, I downed another water bottle. And I was STILL three pounds "light" when I weighed myself at home. Yikes! Note to self: Don't go out with less than one ounce/mile of fluid.

In addition to all the fluid loss, I was "sweating salty" today. My helmet, face, and jersey were all caked in salt by the end of the ride. I don't normally lose much salt when I work out.

Of course, the reason for all the sweat could simply be that I went hard today. My HR was 146 avg. for the first two hours, and 156 for the rest of the ride. Average speed was 18.2mph on the 52.6 miles that I measured. Max speed 43.4mph... whee!!!

I need to do more rides like this.


2005-04-05 5:30AM Swim

Yes, 5:30AM. Me. 5:30. In the AM. Go figure.

Last evening's run totally wiped me out. I'm not 100% sure why, but I suspect it is because I've been cutting calories lately, and my calorie deficit is starting to catch up with me. Whatever the reason, I went to bed early (midnight :-)) last night, and slept horribly. I was wide awake by 4:30, and figured that maybe a morning swim would set things right in MarkWorld. I decided to walk to/from the pool for bonus points.

The swim itself was 50 minutes of mixed swimming/drills. It went pretty well. I knocked out the first 500 yards or so at 1:40/100, which is about 10 seconds faster than normal for my "easy cruise" effort. Woohoo! I'm not sure of the total distance, but it was probabaly something in the 2300 yard range. Lots of catchup and one-arm drilling. Finished with a few butterfly sets, which went REALLY well. I was doing 25 yards in 8 pulls, and felt smoother than normal.


2005-04-04 Treadmill Run

40 minutes on the treadmill, at various speeds and inclines, but mostly in the general neighborhood of 6mph/1%. Strange workout, because my HR was lower than normal for any given speed/grade, but my leg muscles were pleading with me to stop.

As a side note: I can't recommend enough that you avoid running within 30 minutes of downing a bowl of "Mark's Special 5 Bean, 6 Spice, Jalepeno Veggie Chili".

Ice bath immediately after, and massage off and on for the following hour or two.


2005-04-03 Bike Trainer

60 minutes, building steadily throughout. Last 10 minutes were ~18.0mph, avg. of 16.6mph. I felt really damn good on this workout, which was a bit of a surprise given how sluggish I felt at the start.

Did a 30 minute core workout earlier in the day. My core isn't as strong as it should be. Must... do... more... core... work.

Weight is down to 181. If I can stay on my diet, I should be down to 177 or so by White Lake. I'm starting to have some problems sticking to the diet, though. I'm starting to crave stuff like bread and potato chips.


2005-04-02 Bike Trainer

60 minutes. 16.1mph avg. Didn't even look at the cyclecomputer for the first 30 minutes, but I think I was going 17ish for the second 30 minutes. So I must have been slacking on the first 30. I was once again sweating buckets. I'm going to have to come up with a good fan system.

Right glute is sore, but the hip and back are fine now. I tried sitting on a tennis ball until the muscle relaxed, and it seemed to help a bit.

15 minutes of stretching after the bike ride.


2005-04-01 BRBrick

112 miles on the bike, 20 mile run, then another 112 on the bike.

...or not :-). April fools.

I was planning on a 30 minute bike / 30 minute run (all indoors), but I felt good enough after the run that I tossed in another 15 minutes of bike. I spent a little bit too much time futzing around after the first bike session, so my legs had no problem transitioning to the run. I have to make sure I do a few hard finishes on bike ride, and transition immediately to the run.

I felt fairly strong on both the bike and run today, but I was HOT and lost a ton of water. I think I dropped three pounds even after consuming 24 ounces of water during the workout. Yikes! My HR was a bit higher than normal on my run, but I strongly suspect this was a simple matter of heat and mild dehydration.