2005-05-29 Bike

Duke Half IM course... sort of :-). I really lost energy after about 90 minutes. By 120 minutes, I was looking for shortcuts home. I took Toby Goodwin road instead of US64, and skipped the loop off 751. Total mileage was 49 + the mileage inside Harris Lake park. 17.4mph average, which is actually better than expected given how crappy I felt at the end. Had to stop for a break at one point.

My pre-ride diet was fine, and I had no trouble taking in food/fluids during the ride. I just didn't feel good. I couldn't generate any power, and I was uncomfortable in my aerobars. Oh well.


2005-05-27 Treadmill Run

30 minutes, all at 6.0mph, 1% grade. Felt strong both aerobically and muscularly (sp?). Right glute a bit strained, but post-workout stretching and icing helped.


2005-05-26 Bouldering

45 minutes of bouldering (ie arm/back workout), intermixed with playing with the dog I was doggiesitting for the day (Conan!), and working on my tan. Tough workout :-).


2005-05-25 Bike Trainer

45 minutes on the ol' trainer. 17.2mph avg. Was feeling rather lazy today.


2005-05-24 Bike Trainer

I didn't log a few workouts from the past week. I've been hitting the weights, and doing some light spins on the bike. I went mountainbiking one day, but I forget when :-).

My training has been (by design) very unstructured. It will continue to be so until the start of next month, when I will start my prep for the Duke Half Ironman.

Tonight's workout was a 30 minute spin on the trainer (avg. speed 17.7 mph, which is nice... my "easy spin" workouts are faster than last year's HARD workouts!). 30 minutes of core/stretching after the trainer. My upper body is tweaked from bouldering yesterday. It appears that I have zero upper body/hand/finger strength :-). Oh well... something new for me to work on. Weight is upper 170's. Next month will be a weight-loss-focus month as I ramp up the training again.


2005-05-17 Bike Trainer

30 minutes, 17.4mph average. Nothing special. I moved my saddle a bit and I don't think I like the new position. I'll probably move it back.

Doing some upper body workouts from time to time throughout the day. I have it in my head that if I build some upper body strength, I can start rock climbing. I went rock climbing once when I lived in Austin, TX, and I enjoyed it. The problem is, I sucked at it. I sucked very, very, very much. So much that I didn't persue the sport. But now that I think about it, I was being a pussy. I don't want to be a pussy forever. I'm gonna see if I can develop the strength needed to climb.


2005-05-16 Weights

45 minutes of leg extension/curl, and back stuff. Sittups when I felt like it. Forearms were quite tight, but it was a good workout nonetheless. I really need to muscle-up! I think my aerobic system is in much better shape than my muscle system.


2005-05-14 Easy Swim

Easy swim. Got somewhat queasy after about 20 minutes. The pool in which I was swimming has no spill-over protection on the sides, so things got a bit wavy. And the water was a bit cold. I think cold water in my ears makes me a bit dizzy.

30 minutes total, which some drilling and some breaststroke, but mostly just straight freestyle.

I'm sore from yesterday's lift session, but not too sore.


2005-05-13 Weights

I've been making good progress on my goal of hitting 10% bodyfat, but I think I've been spending too much time on the weight loss, and not enough time on the muscle gain. So I have decided to hit the weights again. Tonight's workout was fairly light... just enough to hit everything. I did lat pulldowns, seated rows, leg extensions, leg curls, pushups, twist sittups, and leg presses. At least two sets of each, but for stuff like sittups I did closer to 7-8 sets. For the record, I'm sitting at 176 lbs., with 15% bodyfat according to the bathroom scale. With weights and diet, I think I can hit 10% bodyfat at 170 lbs.


2005-05-11 Mountainbike

Did the Outer, West, and South loops at Beaverdam. Stopped once to let a faster rider pass, then I *just barely* failed to make the stone garden on the South loop. But otherwise, I rode all three loops clean. I felt good for the first 1:30 or so, but the last 30 minutes were fairly rough. I was drinking only water, and had no food.

Quick T-run after the ride, but I had very little energy. Good ride considering the energy loss at the end.


Yesterday's Race

The split times are finally posted. What a bizarre race! To gain a single spot (going from 13th of 43 to 12th), I would have had to go two minutes, ten seconds faster. To lose a single spot, I would have had to go one minute, seven seconds slower.

I was 16th/43 swim, 13th/43 bike, 32nd/43 run... but 13th/43 overall. Strange that my final rank was the same as my BEST rank of the three disciplines. T1 was 8th fastest, but T2 was 25th, so I guess I didn't make up the time there.

Finally, my run was 24:20, 45 seconds FASTER than last year. But my age group run rank was LOWER (32/43 this year vs. 31/48 last year.) Odd.


2005-05-08 White Lake Sprint

Lucked out on this race. I ended up 13th of 43 in my age group... putting me in the fastest 1/3rd! I was only trying for the top half! Go me! The swim was slow but I had a great draft the entire time. The bike was awesome... I hammered the whole thing. I rarely saw my speedometer below 21mph. The run started quite strong, then I had a rough spell, then I gave it a good hard effort for the finish.

My final time was 1:22:26, exactly 21 SECONDS faster than last year. While this doesn't sound like much, the bike course was a little bit longer this time. The swim felt a bit long too, but I'll have to wait to see my splits before I know.

I'll post a full writeup of the race sometime after I get my split times. Overall, I'm quite pleased with the outcome of this race. I was expecting far worse.


2005-05-04 Open water swim

First open water swim in ages. I thought the water would be colder than it was. It was actually quite comfortable. Swam for 25 minutes or so, then got bored and quit. I was swimming more or less straight, but I'm not sure how fast. I have a feeling I was a bit slow.

No stomach, ear, or dizziness problems today. Woohoo!


2005-05-03 Core

The usual mix of core stuff. Then (yes, I'm serious about this), the driving range. I hit through a bucket of balls, and today my obliques are tweaked! It always amazes me when the simple act of hitting a few golf balls will tweak muscles you haven't used in a while.


2005-05-02 Bike Trainer

35 minutes on the bike trainer. 17.6mph average including a light warmup. Felt strong, but didn't want to push too hard, as my first race of the year is in six days. Ughh... I'm once again undertrained for the run, and perhaps undertrained for both the swim and bike, too. I'll just have to hope for the best on this race. I should be able to beat last year's time if I feel good again this year.

Light workouts planned until the race. I want to make sure I'm recovering 100% from day to day. Can't push it too hard at this point.


2005-04-29 (+2) Hiking

I spent Friday/Saturday/Sunday out in the Uhwarrie forest area. I hiked 20 or so miles, some of which were surprisingly tough.