2005-06-30 Swim

200 3-pull-and-roll warmup. 200 Backstroke pull. I totally CLONKED my head on first lap. They removed the indicator line at one end of the pool, and I hadn't noticed during my warmup. As I got to my 18th stroke, I thought "whoa! My backstroke has really gone downhill! Usually I see the flags at 16 or 17, and here I am at 18 (well, now 20) and... [CLONK]". Ouch. Next swimmer down was my lanemate Winston, who smacked his hand. Then my other lanemate Bill, who whacked the top of his hand so hard he ended up bailing early. Amazing how much we all depend on that flag line! Anyway... I moved on to 200 back kick, 200 back, 200 breast kick, 200 breast 2kick/pull, 200 breast, 200 kick, 200 pull, 300 swim, 150 cooldown.

I wasn't fast today (lots of kicking and lane traffic), but I felt good in the water. I was doing at least one stroke less per length on each of the three strokes.


2005-06-29 Rest day

Realized I hadn't had a complete off day in a while, so I took one.

I record my weight and blood pressure every day. Today I decided to graph my weight over the past year or so. I'm actually somewhat happy with my recent weight loss!


2005-06-28 Treadmill Run

Thunderstorms killed my planned swim, so I ran on the treadmill. 4.0mi/0.5%. MPH/Final HRs were 6.0/138, 7.5/161, 6.0/150, 6.0/145. Felt pretty good. I was throwing in butt-kicks, knee-lifts, or overcadence (95+) sessions every so often.


2005-06-27 Core/Yoga

Wakeup HR was elavated, my classic indicator of overtraining. So I'm not doing any cardio today. 30 minutes of yoga, 30 minutes of light stretching, and 30 minutes of core (all while watching TV, so the intensity of each was low).

[Editor's note from 2005-06-28: Must have been a better core workout than I previous thought... my abs/obliques were sore today!]


2005-06-26 Bike Trainer

45 minutes. 17.3mph average. Was totally zoned out the entire time. I was watching a show on TLC called "Supersize She", about female body builders. The "woman" they profiled was frightening. She had 2.5% body fat. Her voice was lower than mine. And she had horrible, horrible acne all over her face and back. Steroids, anyone? The show was so fascinating that I wasn't paying much attention to my workout.

I need to either a) bike more, and get used to my bike position, or b) move my position back to something more comfortable. I think I'm a bit too agressively positioned for longer rides. My lack of comfort in my current position might be a contributing factor to my general lack of pleasure with my bike rides lately (see my last cycling entry).


2005-06-25 Recovery Run

Run down the Bent Creek greenway to/around Shelley Lake, and back. Walked to/from the Bent Creek greenway, and the first part of the greenway itself. Let's call it 4.5 miles in 40 minutes of running, with 1 mile each way to/from the running section. HR limit of 150 strickly enforced, even walking the uphill to the top of the Shelley Lake dam. I had a few stops on the way. Two stops to stretch, and three to give chin scratches and "oh! aren't you a beautiful doggie!"'s to deserving pooches. Okay, two of the poochie-scratch stops were designed more to see if their mommies were cute enough to flirt with :-). Either way, I'm scoring this as 40 minutes of running.

(For the record, one mommie failed the ring check, and the other was kindda ugly on closer inspection. Oh well.)


2005-06-24 Treadmill Run

4.0 miles + wu/cd. All @ 0.5%. 6/7/6/7 mph. HR's at the end of each mile were 138/152/142/158. HR inflation was probably heat related, because I felt fantastic other than being hot (AC not working at the gym... again!)

Weight after 173 lbs, 13.0% bodyfat.


2005-06-23 Bike/Swim

Bike ride while trying to locate some geocaches early in the afternoon. I wouldn't call this a workout except I managed to get lost (surprise!) on my way home, and spent a good 30 minutes doing hill repeats in the middle of Urban-Phuqing-Sprawl America. I got caught in "lakeville", as I call it. There were streets named Lakeside, Lakeview, Lakebrook, Lakeland, Lakeway, Lakehaven, and Lakepark. Maybe others. I'm not kidding. Only one of them actually went anywhere, and my GPS didn't have a good street-level map. Oh well, it was actually a decent testride of Amy, who I haven't had a chance to ride in almost a year.

Swim later in the day. I got a phone message from coach Jim telling me class had been moved to 6:30pm for the rest of the summer, so I showed up at 6:30 only to discover that the shift isn't happening until next week. I tried to do the entire "easy" side of the workout board in 30 minutes. Only missed by four minutes! 200 3-pulls-and-roll warmup, 4x100 drills, 200 pull, 200 kick, 300 swim, 200 breast, 150 free (this was the end of the easy workout set), then I repeated the 4x100 drill, tried a full 50 of butterfly but was too tired (died at 40), and 100 each of catchup and fist to cool down. 2250 yards total.


2005-06-22 Treadmill Run

All @ 0.5% grade. warmup walk, 1.0 miles @ 6.0mph, 1.0 miles @ 7.0mph, 1.0 miles @ 6.0mph, 0.5 miles @ 8.0mph, 0.5 miles @ 6.0mph. Cooldown till HR 105. 4.0 miles of running.

HR was "pretty darn far up there" for the 0.5 miles @ 8.0mph, but I didn't feel like it was killing me.


2005-06-21 Swim

Solid swim practice. 100 pull, 100 kick warmup. 2x100x[hesitation/fist/finger tip drag/one arm], 100 back, 2x100x[14/13/12/11 pulls per 25], 150 cooldown. This only took 40-45 minutes, so I had to do something to fill up the remaining time. 150 butterfly and some drilling. 2500 yards or so total.


2005-06-20 Treadmill Run

Treadmill run. All @ 0.5% incline. 0.5 mile @ 3.0mph, 1.0 mile @ 6.0mph, 2.5 miles @ 7.0mph, 0.5 mph @ 6.0mph. Cooldown until HR 105. HR 160ish during 7.0mph stretch. Solid run. No complaints!

6.0mph felt really, really, really slow after the 2.5 miles @ 7.0mph. I gotta run faster. I've been a giant p-wimp about upping my run speeds, because I'm hyper-paranoid about injuries. While a healthy concern for injuries is fine... I wanna learn how to run faster.

Scale said 173.5 lbs after the run (and I had to pee, so I don't think I was overly dehydrated). This is definitely the lightest I've been since the end of my thruhike in late 2001. I should be close to my goal weight of 170 by the end of the month, but it looks like I'll miss my bodyfat goal of 10%. Oh well. I'm on the right track.


2005-06-19 Bike

Parts of the Duke Half IM course. I was bored with the normal route, so I went adventuring a bit. Went easy for 30 minutes, hard for an hour, then easy for an hour. The last hour was easy more because I was beat than because I wanted to go easy. 2:30something minutes, 45.something miles, 17.something mph.

I'm not sure why, but the past few times I've been on the bike, I've been really pissed off. Usually exercise makes me feel happy, but for some reason cycling is making me pissed. I get a bad thought in my head, and instead of working it out, I dwell on it until I realize that I've blown the entire ride on negativity.

I think I'm gonna head out to Asheville and finish the Blue Ridge Parkway sometime soon. I've been a bit bugged by the fact that I didn't finish it in 2004 (this was my negative thinking today, but I won't document the specifics here).


2005-06-18 Bike Trainer

Quick spin on the bike trainer. Planning a longer ride tomorrow, so I didn't push this at all. 40ish minutes, all pretty easy.


2005-06-17 Treadmill Run

4.0 miles, first and last @ 6.0mph, middle two @ 6.7mph. All @ 0.5% incline. HR was 155ish for the 6.7mph stretches. HRM was being a bit flaky today. Solid run. Felt like I could have pushed it, but held back and focused on form instead. If I can keep this up for a few more weeks, I should really be in good shape to bump up the training as I head into the Duke Half.


2005-06-16 Swim

Better swim than the other day. 200 [various] warmup. 10x[50 sprint / 50 recover], 200 back, 200 breast, 200 swim, 2x100 swim, 4x50 swim, then some butterfly thrown in because I wanted to pretend that I'm a badass swimmer stud. 150 cooldown. 2450 yards total, give or take.


2005-06-15 Treadmill Run

4.0 miles, 1% grade, 6.0mph. 6.0mph is simply too slow now. I'm gonna have to start bumping up the speed. HR was below 140 until I hit heat inflation at 30 minutes, and even then only climbed to 143.


2005-06-14 Swim

I haven't been in the water in over a month! Ughh! Naturally, I had zero water-feel today. Struggled through the entire workout.

50x[swim/kick/pull/swim] warmup.
[back/front] x 2 x [200 paddles & buoy, 100 paddles, 200 swim]
100 breast cooldown.
2300 total. Took me forever.

Must... swim... more...


2005-06-13 Treadmill Run

(I think I forgot to record a few workouts... it's a pain recording both here and on my insurance company's web site)

Nice treadmill run. Definitely seeing some improvements. 0.5% grade today. warmup, then one mile @ 6.0mph, one mile @ 6.5mph (HR 150), 0.5 miles @ 7.0mph (HR 160), then the rest at 6.0mph until the total run time (not counting warmup) was 35 minutes.

I felt really good on this run. I was focusing on form and high cadence, and my HR was relatively low for the speeds. I felt like I could have gone a lot faster/longer if I wanted.

Iced my right glute and both knees/shins/quads after.

Scale is saying 175 lbs, 13% bodyfat. I suspect I'll be > 170 lbs. when I hit 10% bodyfat. I'm focusing more on the body composition than the raw weight, but I would still like to see my weight at/below 170.


2005-06-08 Circuit Training

50 minutes of circuit training. Almost zero rest between sets of [leg extension or curl], [seated row or lat pulldown], [bench press or incline press], incline sittups. Doing weights without resting is tough when the lactic acid doesn't have time to fully flush between sets!

Good workout. My muscles are jelly now (three hours after the workout).

Earlier today, I did several sets of pullups. Two sets of 5 reps, one of 6. It looks like I might actually be able to achieve my LONG time goal of 10 pullups! I have put "Do 10 pullups... in one set" on my new year's eve resolutions 7 of the last 10 years. And I've never even come close to making the resolution come true. It's gonna happen in 2005, dammit.


2005-06-07 Bike Trainer

45 minutes on bike trainer. Very easy spin, working on form. Kept cadence +90. Still noticing form breakdown with cadence >95. No HRM for this workout. Avg. speed 17.2mph.


2005-06-06 Bike Trainer

Short(ish) spin on the bike trainer. 5 minute warmup, 30 minutes hard, 10 minute cooldown. Avg. Speed 17.7mph. Avg. HR ~130. Not the strongest bike workout ever, but I can't complain


2005-06-04 Run

Run. Walked from apt. to start of black creek trail, then ran down to/around Shelley Lake, back up black creek trail, then walked home. Run was 9:09 to Shelly Lake (HR 142 avg), 18:04 around the lake (HR 154 avg, 159 peak), and 9:24 back (HR 157 avg). The HR inflation was probably due to heat... I haven't run outside in the heat in ages!


2005-06-03 Weights

Upper body weight workout... lat pulldowns, seated rows, bench press, incline press. Core stuff in between weight sets.


2005-06-02 Treadmill run

Almost exactly the same workout at last night. Nothing special to report. Just trying to find my running legs again. Left lower calf / achilles tendon is tight, but not sore.


2005-06-01 Treadmill Run

Fan-damn-tastic treadmill run. The numbers were nothing special (3.2 miles, all at 6.0mph, 1% grade, HR ~150), but I had some jammin tunes on the MP3 player. This time it was Fatboy Slim's You've Come a Long Way, Baby. The music really had me pumped up. I did an extended cooldown and a few sets of lat pulldowns just so I would have an excuse to listen to the entire album.

I'm starting a weight loss emphasis month. I'll probably end up feeling a tiny bit rundown, so I don't expect spectacular workout numbers over the next few weeks. As long as I can keep up the workout frequency and avoid injuries, I'll be happy. Once I lean out a bit (I'm shooting for 170 lbs.), I'll reset my goals to take me into the Duke Half in prime shape.

As an added bonus, my new health insurance plan rewards me for working out. If I keep working out like I have been, I'm going to totally clean up on the rewards program!