2005-07-31 Treadmill Run

3.5 miles on the treadmill. Mix of 6.0mph and 7.0mph. No HRM.

Forgot to change shirts before I went to the gym, so I ran with my shirt off. Without my MP3 player, all I could do for 30 minutes was look at myself in the mirror. Ever look at yourself in the mirror for 30 minutes straight? I'm vain, but even I can't look at myself for that long :-). Eventually I lost track of the fact that I was looking at myself. It was like I was looking at a stranger. Very odd feeling. But kindda cool at the same time.


2005-07-29 Long Run/Walk

Yikes. What a day. Got some news early in the afternoon, and the news left me feeling a mix of 70% happiness, 15% worry, and 15% sadness (but each emotion at a volume level of 120%). Then I got some extra news (this time about my mother), which added to the worry and sadness. I needed a good long run to help me work off the stress.

100 minute run/walk, with mostly a 9/1 split. I think the splits dropped to more like 7/2 by the end, but I felt ok the entire run. I'm going to ice/strech/massage like crazy tonight.

Weight was 161.8 after, the lightest I've ever measured, but at least 4 pounds of that is water loss. Even with the water loss, I'm getting where I want to be with my body. Woohoo!


2005-07-28 Swim

Got there early and did some warmup laps. 300 of mixed swimming and drilling, then 200 pull, 200 3-pull-and-roll, 200 back, 200 breast (2 kick per pull), 200 breast, 200 drill, 400 swim, some butterfly (Jim noted a mistiming in my kick... haven't fully fixed it yet, but the improvement was dramatic!), and some slow swimming to cool down.

There might have been more in there. Jim didn't have a workout board, so he was just throwing out sets as we went. Let's call it 2400 yards.


2005-07-27 Run/walk

The usual route. 8/1 run/walk splits, 57 minutes total. 9:30/mile give or take. No HRM, but I suspect HR was high. It was HOT HOT HOT and my legs didn't feel snappy at all. Both shoulders hurt from time to time. I guess I was holding a lot of tension in them.


2005-07-26 Swim

Once again skipped a planned bike ride. Heat index was something absurd like 115.

Swim practice was fun though. 50 kick, 100 swim to warmup, then 2x[100 hesitation, 200 one-arm, 300 fist, 400 swim], cooldown (I forget what). 2300 or 2350 total. Bad stomach knot after. I thought maybe my stomach problems were gone.


2005-07-25 Walk/Run

6.5 miles. Run when in shade, walk when in sun. Eventually just walk all the time, because it was so f'ing hot I couldn't muster the energy to run. Radio said it was 97 with heat index of 105.


2005-07-24 Easy Bike

80 minute bike ride around North Raleigh, trying to find some interesting places to ride (no luck :-\). Very easy spin, except for a 20 minute stretch where I decided to sprint up a few hills. My quads were a bit overextended from my last two runs, so I didn't want to push things too hard.


2005-07-23 71' 8/1 Run/Walk

71 minutes of 8/1 run/walk. Same route as yesterday, but with an extra bit tacked on south of Shelley Lake. Probably 7.5 miles or so. Went a bit slower than yesterday, but felt ok. Hot out there again!

My quads and shins are both a bit overextended now. Gonna ice for a while, and stretch later tonight.

Probably gonna do a bike ride tomorrow.


2005-07-22 Run/Walk

Solid run/walk. My normal route from my apt. down to/around Shelley Lake and back. 8/1 splits, which works out quite nicely because I was running 9 min/mile, and the route has well-defined waypoints at one mile intervals. I paced myself so I made it to the start of the greenway @ 9 minutes, the start of the Shelley lake loop @ 18, the end of the loop @ 36, the start of the greenway @ 45, and home at 54. This might be the fastest I've done the loop. I had to work for it, but it felt good.

No HRM on this run, and that was probably wise, as I'm sure I was running harder than I should have :-).


2005-07-20 Run/Walk

I'm going to give run/walking a try for a while. This is where you run for a given length of time, then walk a given length of time (say, 9 minutes / 1 minute). The idea is that the walk breaks allow you to recover enough that your *overall* time stays the same (because you don't slow down as much at the end of the run). I didn't quite to fixed intervals today, as I timed my walks to coincide with the uphills. Total workout time of 58 or 68 minutes (I think 68). 6.5 miles. It was damn hot AGAIN today. Weight 164.8 after, but I'm at least four pounds lighter than I should be due to water loss. I think my weight was 168 at wakeup this morning.


2005-07-19 Swim

Blew off my planned bike ride today. Heat index was 107. I actually got dressed to ride, put my bike in my truck, and was all ready... but bailed when I realized I was dripping sweat off my nose before I even got in my car to go to the START of the ride.

Swim class went just fine though. Got there early and did 300 yards of various drills and freestyle. Then the main workout: 100 swim, 100 3-pulls-and-roll, 4x[200 pull, 150 kick, 250 swim], 150 cooldown. 3050 yards total. Wiped me out, but it was a good kind of wiped out.


2005-07-18 Treadmill Run

0.25 mile w/u. 4 miles @ 6.5/7.0/7.0/6.0 mph. 0.3 mile c/d. HR low at first, but inflated from heat to 160. Weight 166.4 after (lots of water loss).


2005-07-17 Treadmill Run

W/U walk, 1 mile @ 6.0mph, 2 miles @ 6.? (6.5?) mph, then enough extra to take the total run time up to 35 minutes.

Weight 167.2 after.


2005-07-16 AM Walk/Jog

Mostly walking, but a little jogging when I got bored. 7-8 miles or so total. Nothing special, just trying to keep the legs fresh after my BRP trip.


2005-07-15 BRP Ride (Done!)

Finished the BRP today. I can now say with pride that I've biked every inch of the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway. Another thing to cross off the life list.

I ended up doing all 80 miles between Asheville, NC and Cherokee, NC TWICE. Good GOD those mountains are rough! Today's ride was a quick jaunt up a 2400', 8 mile climb, followed by an even quicker trip down the same 2400'.


2005-07-14 BRP (almost done!)

Another BRP ride. 36 miles today (13.5 out/back, then 4.5 out/back), but with 5400 vertical feet of climbing. I wasn't recovered from the previous two days, so I had to go very slow and easy the entire day. Split the day into two parts, with the bulk of the work in the morning, and a shorter climb/descend in the early afternoon.

Didn't quite finish the BRP today. I still have one 8 mile, 2400' vertical climb left (and the descent, which doesn't count). I'll do that stretch tomorrow morning. I *might* have been able to do it today, but wouldn't have enjoyed it, and wouldn't have wanted to drive all the way home after.


2005-07-13 BRP Ride

56 tough miles. Went over the highest point on the parkway today (6050 feet), but did so in some nasty wind and rain. I was a little bit tired, and my butt was sore from yesterday's ride. But I just sucked it up and pounded out the ride. I've only got 26 parkway miles left, but if I do them as an out/back, it is going to be a really tough ride. I think I would have something like 7000 feet of climbing in the out/back. I might save one climb for the morning after tomorrow, so I'll have one fairly hard day, and one easy day, instead of one brutal day.

Started the ride at 6:15AM today, and didn't finish until 12:30PM. It started pouring at 12:33PM. What timing!

I should add that I am once again writing this while sitting in a Subway Sub Shop (Oh my God, I'm on the Jarred diet!), and borrowing the nearby hotel's internet. This makes me chuckle. I can't explain why.


2005-07-12 BRP Ride

I was up at 2:00AM today, and had the urge to get something done. Finishing my Blue Ridge Parkway ride sounded like just the ticket. So I loaded up /dev/trk, and drove out to Asheville. By 12:30PM, I had completed a 54 mile (27 out, 27 back) ride starting where I left off last year. I felt nearly bionic on the bike today, but can't explain why. I did a solid job of sipping Carbo-Pro'd water with gel during the ride. I think the fuel helped. I don't have a computer on this bicycle (and who needs one, when you have mileposts every mile?), so I don't know my exact speed. I had my HR sitting around 140 for most of the ride. And while I'm at it, let me add that nothing puts a smile on an otherwise depressed fella's face faster than a 20 mile downhill which includes nine (I think) tunnels. Fun stuff. Even the 20 mile climb to earn the 20 mile downhill was fun.

The logistics for this trip are a bit ugly. I couldn't find any way to avoid doing the entire 80 mile stretch between Ashville and Cherokee in BOTH directions. Shuttling from one end to the other just didn't seem feasible, and camping in the middle is likewise difficult. So I'm going to have to cover the entire section in a series of out/back rides. I probably should have pushed farther today, to ensure that I can finish in two more rides. As it stands, I have 108 (54x2) miles left. I *think* I can do it in two rides. If not, I'll take three. It's not like I *mind* going on bike rides on the BRP :-).

As a final note... how cool is this: I'm writing this while sitting in a subway sub shop, borrowing the wireless network from the Hotel next door. Damn, I love modern technology.


2005-07-11 Easy day

Long AM walk to clear my head (needed it... my mental state has been less than positive for the last week or so!). Light stretching throughout the day. My right glute and lower back both hurt from yesterday, as do my knees.

My swim was a bit worse than expected, even when I expected it to be unimpressive. This had to be mental. I could have knocked off perhaps as much as two minutes with the proper attitude and focus. 15:15. 52/84 AG.

T1 was smooth, orderly, and fast. 1:08. 16/84 AG.

My bike, as with the White Lake Sprint earlier this year, was the determining factor in my ranking. I misjudged the distance, holding back a little bit for a final climb that never came. And my last mile was WAY slow, as I was stuck behind traffic. These problems cost me perhaps a minute, but overall I can't complain. 40:28. 34/84 AG.

T2 was also smooth and fast. I skipped socks this time, something I never even practiced. Stupid move, probably, but I wanted to give it a try. I must be living right, because I had no blisters :-). 1:14. 17/84 AG.

My run wasn't quite as bad as I thought. I was limited by my crampy stomach, but still pulled out a 23:55. 55/84 AG. I'm OK with this, I guess.

Total time 1:21:37. 37/84 AG.

Here's a goofy "feel good" stat: My time was one second slower than 3rd place (of 70) Novice Male, and 2:31 away from 2nd. My results clearly do not support the "but I'm still a beginner!" bullshit mental attitude that I've been sporting. I'm gonna start training like I'm a real triathlete now.


2005-07-10 Triangle Tri

Triangle Sprint Triathlon. I was FIRST!!!!!



...rack my bike. (I got to the race site at 5:00AM :-)).

Fairly uneventful race. I got knocked around a bit during the swim. I think I was swimming straight, but nobody around me was. Rather than speed up to get past the slower/curvier swimmers, I slowed down. But this only resulting in an even bigger pummeling. As an added benefit, I couldn't find a draft the entire swim. Oh well.

I did about as well as I hoped on the bike, but unlike the White Lake Sprint earlier this year, I got passed quite a bit. There are some freakishly strong cyclists out there! Still, I put in a good hard effort on the bike, so I can't complain. I averaged something over 20mph, close to 21mph I think. Not too bad for a course that was hillier than I expected.

The run, as expected, sucked. I was holding my own for the first mile or so, but then my stomach got crampy. My HR was totally maxed out, but I simply wasn't moving. The last two miles of the run were at an HR of "(I'm gonna puke) - 5". Total time was 1:21:47 (+/-), and I was 38th of 80something in my age group. Just barely top half, and I strongly suspect the ranking in each leg will fit with previous results (mid pack swim, upper-mid pack bike, bottom pack run.) Must... work... on... run!!!

On the bright side, everyone I knew who did the race did really well. Dianne from swim class won her age group by something like two minutes (in a time of 1:17:??... holy crap she's fast!) Suzanne was at the exact cutoff for the top 1/3rd of her age group (15/45), and some of Suzanne's TnT friends took wins in their age groups. Woohoo! I know some fast people!


2005-07-07 AM Run

Early morning run/walk. Walked to bent creek, then down to and around Shelley lake, with an HR ceiling of 145. Stopped running at the Lynn Rd. bridge, and walked home via Lynn Rd. and Six Forks. Call it 3.5 miles running, 3.0 miles walking. Didn't feel energetic, and I don't want to push any of my workouts before Triangle Tri on Sunday.


2005-07-05/06 Bike Trainer

Light rides on the bike trainer, each while watching the Tour De France. Just enough of a workout to break a sweat and get my HR up a bit.


2005-07-05 Whoops!

I just noticed that the Triangle Triathlon is this coming weekend. I thought it was the weekend after! I guess this shows how much of a priority this race is :-). I don't have nearly the level of cycling fitness that I would like to have, but my overall fitness level is probably reasonable enough. I'll probably go semi-easy this week and a day or two after the race... then I'm going to try to amp up my volumes in all three disciplines.


2005-07-04 Treadmill run

It was hot in the gym again. Someone tried to break the glass casing around the thermostat, so I'm obviously not the only person noticing the temperature. It has to be over 90 degrees in there! Anyway, I just drank more and tried to grind it out. w/u, then 5.0 miles, all 0.5% grade. 6.0, 6.6, 6.6, 8.0, 6.0 mph, then c/d. HR was 172 or so during the 8.0mph stretch, and I was more or less at my limit, but I didn't feel like I was gonna die (as I had in the past :-)). I think I can probably get myself trained to go 8.0mph with my HR at about 160. That would be neat-o!


2005-07-02 Treadmill Run

0.25 mile walk to warmup, 5.0 miles, all @ 0.5%, 6.0mph, 0.25 mile walk to warmdown. I was planning on bumping the speed up after the first mile, but it was so damn hot in the gym that I knew I wouldn't last if I tried. HR climbed 5 bpm / mile, ending at 163 after 5.0 miles. Drank 18 ounces of water during the workout, and STILL lost 3 pounds. Weighed 169.4 after.

I was trying to hit 170.0 lbs by July 1. I guess I can take a water-loss-induced 169.4 on July 2 :-).


2005-07-01 Bike Trainer

w/u, 45 minutes, c/d. 17.2mph average including w/u but not c/d. Felt tired (sleepy-tired, not weak-tired.) Watched "Chasing Lance" on FitTV while doing this workout.