2005-08-31 Rest / Eat

I was going to do a mountainbike ride, but got caught up running errands and working on a computer program in the morning/afternoon. Then JM called and said she had to work 4:00PM-11:PM, and asked if I could dogsit Conan for her. I couldn't resist. One thing led to another, and before I knew it I had spent the evening eating chinese food, playing with the pooch, and eventually ordering pizza and watching a movie.

No workout today.


2005-08-30 Swim Practice

Felt really weak tonight. My shoulders were tight and I couldn't seem to find any balance in the water. 300 warmup, 4x100 descending, 2x200 kick/kick w/fins, 3x100 descending, 2x200 breast, 4x100 pull descending, 4x25 butterfly (not bad at first, but faded fast), 200 cooldown (mostly drills). 2500 yards.

Can't understand why my shoulders would be sore. Maybe the descending sets were harder than I'm used to? I did the first 4x100 descending at 1:45, 1:40, 1:35, 1:30 per 100, which I really had to work to keep. That must have left the shoulders fried for the remaining sets.

Post-workout meal was a quickly inhaled frozen pizza before heading to the gun club to shoot some trap. Not exactly the world's best recovery meal, but I've got to do something to get my weight stabalized. If I can hold something in the low 160's for a while, I'll allow the weight to drop some more. Until then, I don't want to get below 160. Something about being <160 seems just wrong to me.


2005-08-29 Runwalk

Another mix of walking/running around Raleigh. Took a different route down to Shelley Lake (21:02 minute walk, 17:31 run, 10:05 walk), then went mod-hard for the 2.0 miles around the Lake (14:48... 7:24/mile... go me!), then walked all the way home. 1:26:30 total. Right piriformis is mostly better, but this time I'm going to keep stretching and icing every day, hopefully keeping the problem away forever instead of just putting it in hibernation!

I seriously doubt I'm going to do the Duke Half IM (it's in two weeks!). I don't have the fitness I should have, but mostly I just feel like I was training for it for all the wrong reasons. When I signed up for it, I felt like it was what I was supposed to want, not what I really wanted.


2005-08-28 Mountainbike

New Light again. I'm annoyed that I can never quite seem to clean the First Loop. I think I've only ever cleaned it once (twice?). This time it was the same sweeping uphill left, near the end of the loop if coming from the parking lot. The same exact root got me both times. 93 minutes of riding, almost entirely nonstop. 2 x [First Loop, over to Route 66, fire road to Easy Street, back to top of parking lot]. One dab each time on First Loop (as mentioned), and one dab from bad timing on a log on Route 66, but otherwise an entirely clean ride.


2005-08-27 Walk / Core

Had a bad chocolate craving, so I decided to walk to the store and earn my chocolate. 90 minutes of walking.

Core workout in the PM: 4 x [40 crunches, 10 side planks per side, 20 pushups, 15 bicep curls], then 2 x 50 twist-crunches, and 1 x 30 crunches.


2005-08-26 Walkrun

101 minutes of walkrunning. Only about 40 minutes running, everything else was walking. The run sections were quick though. I ran the 2.0 mile loop around Shelley Lake, starting at 52:52, in 15:25. That's 7:42/mile, and I wasn't really pushing hard. Also, I walked the hill up to the dam. I can't complain about that speed at all!

Not sure of total distance. Probably something in the 8 mile range. Did my normal route down to and around Shelley Lake, but I did every available side trail.

Right hip is a bit tight, so I will be stretching tonight. Weight 157.6 after (probably 161 or so if adjusted for water loss).


2005-08-25 Swim

Good swim. The lanes were less crowded (only myself and Brenda in the lane tonight), and it was the perfect temperature (slightly cool). Coach Jim is taking a break from swim coaching for a while, to focus on his family. I love it when people do this... work and hobbies can always wait, but family can't. The new coach (Phil) seems like a good fella. His workout was a little bit different than the standard Jim workout. 200 free w/u, free/breast x [100 kick, 100 drill, 200 pull, 4x50 faster each 50], then it got weird because I couldn't count :-). I think it was 4x50 freestyle drill, 150 breast (all underwater, i had no problem doing 25 yards underwater this time!), 150 breast 1 pull/2 kick, 4x50 breast (faster each 50). Then 4x25 butterfly, which went VERY well... easily my best butterfly set ever. Then 100 back, and 100 cooldown. I think. Who knows. Everything after the first 1600 is a bit hazy. Total of, uhhhh, 2300 yards?

2005-08-25 Mountainbike

95 minutes of biking around New Light. Most of the time was spent in the Eastern Territory trails, but a huge swath of logging crisscrossed the trails. I kept losing/refinding the trails, but looping back on myself. Eventually I simply backtracked all the way to the fireroads, then went over to the First Loop and did it in reverse (back to the parking lot). First Loop is a very different trail when going towards the parking lot instead of away from it!

Off to swim practice now. This should be fun, as I'm already dehydrated and tired :-).


2005-08-24 Mountainbike

I realized this morning that I couldn't even remember the last time I went to New Light. Several months, at least. So I tossed Melinda in the back of /dev/trk and gave New Light a visit. 2 x [First Loop, from parking lot, returning via fire roads and Easy Street]. 75 minutes total. I'm 20+ pounds lighter than the last time I did these trails, and a bit more powerful. The increased strength/weight ratio caused a few spinouts, but otherwise I was riding quite well.

I have no idea why I don't ride the New Light trails every damn day. I only remember one time that I failed to fully enjoy a day on the trails there. I think I'm gonna head back there tomorrow and do the southern/eastern trails.


2005-08-23 Light Yoga

I was meeting some folks for dinner in Winston Salem, so I went over early in the day to do some geocaching before the dinner. I probably only walked about a mile total... nothing like the good old park-n-grab geocaches!

Gonna do a long bike ride tomorrow, I think. Or maybe a swim because I missed swim class tonight.

I did about 15 minutes of Yoga after waking up this morning, but it was such a lame yoga workout that I almost feel guilty logging it :-).


2005-08-22 Long walk

I seem to be going to a motivation lull. Same exact thing happened to me this time last year. I don't know if it is the heat, or what, but I just don't feel like busting my butt.

Been doing some good thinking on long walks/drives though. So I continued the theme today with a long walk around North Raleigh. 77 minutes total.

Once again, stretching and icing my right piriformis. I think all the time in the car last weekend really got it agitated.


2005-08-21 Long Walk

Wasn't sure if I was going to run, walk, or runwalk. When I stepped into the 110 degree (heat index) weather, deciding on "100% walk" didn't take long :-).

137 minutes of walking around north Raleigh. Saw three snakes (two black and one copperhead), one giant turtle in a stream, one little itty-bitty turtle on a paved path (I moved him to the side so no bikes would hit him), and two blue heron.

Right piriformis is still a bit tweaked. Plenty of icing/stretching throughout the day.


2005-08-19 Run/Walk

Unknown total time, because I forgot to stop my watch when I got back to the crib. Let's go with 75 minutes total. Down to/around Shelley Lake, home via trail to Sawmill and roads. First four miles were all 1:00 walk, run the rest of the mile. Splits were 8:00(!!!), 9:20, 8:53, 9:00. Then I walked 10 minutes, ran 9:23 on a side trail, and walked home via Sawmill/Six Forks/Newton.

Not a bad run overall. Saw a few really nice doggies along the way, but no other wildlife. Much post-run stretching of my piriformis, followed by much icing of the same.


2005-08-18 Swim

2150 yards. No other comments.


2005-08-17 Weights/Core

The usual mix of weights and core. Felt pretty strong considering I haven't been doing much of either lately. I need to hit the weights/core stuff a bit harder (as always!)

Leg curls, extensions, and presses. Seated rows and lat pulldowns. Pullups (only six now, down from seven... argh!) Crunches/inclined sittups/side planks in between weight sets. Some stretching when I felt like it. My right glute (piriformis?) is acting up again.


2005-08-16 Swim

Simple workout tonight. 2350 yards. 200 warmup, 100/200/300/400/400/300/200/100, 150 cooldown. Did the first 400 and the second 300 breast, all else free.

Swim practice has been a bit frustrating lately. We are only getting four lanes, but we have been having 15-16 people. Tonight there were four of us in a lane. Myself and Brenda (who is very fast... she swam in high school) were ok, but the other female in the lane was a bit slow, and the fourth person in the lane had ZERO sense of lane-etiquette. I mostly just ignored him, but Brenda was clearly agitated. With all the poor swimmers in class, Jim doesn't have much time to focus on the rest of us. So basically, I'm getting a crowded lane, with no input from Jim. Still, I haven't done a good job with my workouts when I go by myself. Maybe I'll have to join a masters group. I might have outgrown my current workout group.


2005-08-15 Trail Run

Sycamore loop @ Umstead, like last week, but did the loop section in the opposite direction. Also, I didn't do my run/walk splits on perfect time intervals. I walked the steeper uphills, ran the flats and downs. Didn't see as much wildlife as last time... only one black snake and a few butterflies. The heat index was something absurd like 108, and I was feeling every degree of it. I felt very slugish.

Here's the best part: I started my stopwatch, but never looked at it again until I stopped. Final time... 70:38, exactly ONE SECOND faster than last time. ONE SECOND! How's that for consistent pacing?

Weight 161 after, but there is quite a bit of water weight loss in that number.


2005-08-13 Hiking

Went waterfall viewing with Andrew/Kristina/Rick/Ineta/Williams, and the pooch Penny (a standard poodle... nice doggie!)

I'm calling this a workout because a) I was on my feet all day, and b) I felt it in my legs the next day.

Saw some absolutely wonderful waterfalls near Brevard. I had been to this area several times before, but never knew about all the excellent waterfalls. Went for a cool dip in a nice swimming hole, but I can hardly call it a swim workout :).

Ate enough to get my weight back up to 165 or so.


2005-08-11 Swim

Weak. Four people in the lane, and only two of us could swim at all. I got so f'ing sick of the situation that I bailed after 1500 yards. Mix of drills, swim, and swim w/ paddles.

Going camping/hiking/whatever with some friends tomorrow-Sunday. I'll try to get in a run, but only if it feels right.


2005-08-10 Trail Run

Didn't feel like running from the apartment today, so I hopped in /dev/trk and went over to Umstead Park for a trail run. I stopped at the running store on the way because I had to buy a new Fuel Belt. I've lost so much weight that my previous FuelBelt won't stay up even when I cinch it as tight as possible.

Had a fan-damn-tastic run on the Sycamore trail. The last time I tried to run on this trail, they were doing a reroute, and I lost the trail as it crossed the bridal trail. Now I know why I was confused... the reroute takes the trail about 0.5 miles east before crossing the bridal trail. The new route is nice, but I can tell they are going to have erosion problems over time. Oh well.

9'/1' run/walk splits, mostly. 70:39 total. The listed trail length is 7.2 miles. Felt really good the entire run. I think I'm finally starting to build a bit of a running base.

Saw two deer and three snakes. The deer were both standing in the dead-center of the trail, and I got a great look at each before they took off.

Not sure if I'm going to do the Duke Half IM next month. I'm going to keep training as much as I enjoy, but if I can't get to a level that is appropriate for a Half IM, I'll bail on it. No sense doing it if it won't be fun. If I'm still in NC, I might consider doing the Pinehurst triathlon in October instead. My perfomance there last year was SO HORRIBLE that I want to get a little bit of revenge :-).


2005-08-09 Swim

Swim. 200 3-pull-and-roll, 2x[100 back pull, 200 back w/fins, 200 back, 100 sideswim, 100 free pull, 200 free w/fins, 200 free], 150 cooldown. 2550, but I skipped part of the 2nd backstroke set. Let's go with 2400. My mind was elsewhere, so it was a less-than-stellar workout. I was losing count on my 100 yard sets, which meant I couldn't even count to two with accuracy :-).


2005-08-08 Geohiking

Yes, I'm calling this one a workout :-). Trying to get to 300 caches found, but only made it to 299... SIX did-not-find's today! Argh! Lots of walking to get to the various caches. Probably 7+ miles.


2005-08-07 Run/Walk

76:36 total, on 8/1 run/walk splits. Holding just barely over 9:00/mile, which is solid considering it was a run/walk. 42:24 on the normal Bent Creek route, then a 21:24 sidetrip on the trail up to Sawmill, then 12:48 home. That's makes 55:12 for the Bent Creek route, which is fine with me.

Felt good (physically) the entire run. I realized yesterday that I'm 100% injury free at the moment! My right hip/glute is still a tiny bit sore, but with icing and stretching I'm definitely getting it under control. My knees feel fine, and I don't even have a hint of shin stress.


2005-08-06 Light hiking

Nothing major today, just some geocaching with my pals Matt and Andrew. I'm gonna call this a workout because we did end up walking quite a bit. Spent the entire day dehydrated. Trying to recover my hydration now.


2005-08-05 Off

No workout today. Hung out with friends instead. Tomorrow I'm meeting friends to go geocaching, so I don't know what kind of workout I'll do.


2005-08-04 Swim

Swim. Noticed something today that I should have noticed a LONG time ago. My balance in the water has been consistently off all year. Just when I get my balance back, I lose it. But I didn't realize the obvious: I've lost 30 pounds this year, which OF COURSE is going to change my balance. Duh! I noticed it tonight while doing "finger tip drag" drills. I can't do this drill any more, because my shoulder and head are entirely underwater when I'm swimming slow and with weight forward. This stops me from being able to breath when I roll, which forces me to tilt my head at an awkward angle just to get air. Coach Jim is skinny as a rail and has the same problem. He said the solution for him was to swim harder, which has the natural benefit of lifting him out of the water. So I think I'm gonna stop all this "slow and steady" swimming I've been doing, and start doing some harder sets. Maybe that will fix my balance issues.

Tonight was 200 warmup, then 200 swim, 100 kick, 200 drill, 300 swim, 400 pull, 300 swim, 200 drill, 100 kick, 200 swim, 150 breast. I didn't do extra because I was meeting someone in the parking lot. He needed a bike to do triathlons, but didn't want to spend a lot of money. I introduced him to Jody (my trusty old Cannondale road bike), and let him play with her for a while. They seemed to get along, so for a small processing fee... I allowed him to adopt her.


2005-08-03 Treadmill Sweatfest

Didn't realize until after it was over that it was cooler outside than in. Damn. 55 minutes minutes total, but probably only 35 running because my body kept screaming "STOP, YOU MANIAC! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!"

Listened to Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill, which I'm gonna have to go out and admit was one darn fine album. I used to think she was just a whiny bitch, but... uhhh... well, now I think I can relate :-).


2005-08-02 Swim

100 pull, 100 kick warmup.
3x[100 swim, 200 pull, 100 swim, 100 kick, 100 swim]
150 side-swim cooldown.

2150 yards total. I was a bit tired from lifting last night and biking earlier in the day.

2005-08-02 Bike

Duke Half IM course, but with some minor modifications. 53 miles total. Average speed 17.6, but would have been over 18 if not for THE STUPIDEST NUTRIONAL PLAN EVER!!! I had a Red Delicous apple for breakfast @ 6:00AM. Then I went for my ride at 8:30AM, carrying only two bottles of Accelerade+CarboPro. I've tried this before, and I never managed to finish on only two bottles. When will I learn? This time they were gone by mile 30, so I refilled both with water. The water was gone by mile 48. And naturally, my legs had no zip left in them after that hearty and filling (NOT) apple was gone.

I've just consumed 32 ounces of water, and the scale says I weigh 159.6 lbs. My crystal ball shows a huge lunch and lots of liquid in my short-term future.


2005-08-01 Weights/Core

Weights/core. Upper body workout. Seated rows, bench press, several varieties of sittups/crunches, side planks. Plenty of stretching between sets.