2005-09-30 Swim/Weights/Elliptical

The folks at the West Shore YMCA in Camp Hill hooked me up with a free visitor pass, so I figured I would make the most of it. 30 minute swim, almost all free (split 15 minutes is each of their TWO indoor pools), then I hit the weight room, then I went up to check out the aerobic equipment. I tried an Elliptical trainer, which was a new experience for me. Weird things, ellipticals. Easy to get a good workout on them, with no impact to the knees. But the movement probably hurts my running form, and it was definitely working my glutes, which is incompatible with fixing my piriformis issues. Oh well. Fun workout. 25 minutes on the elliptical.


2005-09-27 Core/Upper Body/Stretch

I won't count my early morning pooch walk (3.0 miles, but with stops to sniff and pee on stuff. The pooch, not me, of course.)

Tonight's workout was a simple core / upper body / stretch session, all done while watching "The Biggest Loser" on TV. I haven't been watching any TV other than stuff I know I want to watch ahead of time (no random browsing.) I caught myself browsing randomly tonight, so I paid for it by working out the entire time. 400 crunches, 100 pushups, a few sets of arm curls, and a lot of stretching. [Sidebar: I called Time Warner cable to cancel my cable on August 11th, but they never cut the service. At least I'm not paying for it. :-)]

Moving on...

I'm not doing the Pinehurst triathlon this weekend because I have a schedule conflict. I'm heading back to PA for a family visit and a job interview. I'll be gone Wednesday thru Sunday or Monday. So my 2005 triathlon season is officially over. Time to reset and build a base to carry me into 2006. If I move, get a dog, and/or start working again, my schedule is going to be hectic. I'm not going to plan my 2006 season until the very end of this year, because I don't know where I'm going to be living. In the meantime I have only two goals:

1. Fix all nagging injuries. My right hip area is still giving sporatic problems, and now I have an funky issue with the top of my left foot. I'll probably take at least a week off from running, and replace running with stretching and core stuff.

2. Get my % bodyfat consistently at/under 10%. My scale is reading 11% most of the time now, and that fits with what I'm seeing in the mirror. For purely psychological reasons (ie "Absurd Vanity" :-)) I want to be at/under 10%. I know this is stupid. I don't care. I gotta have a goal, and "10% bodyfat" is as good a goal as any.

I'll keep riding the bike as much as I enjoy. My winter training has me on the trainier a lot, so I don't want to get sick of the bike *before* I head into the winter. I'll probably try to mountainbike as much as possible. Nothing forced, though.


2005-09-26 Walk (short run)

1.0 mile run, then 3.0 mile walk. Dreyfus (the pooch I'm thinking about adopting) was great on the leash, but wasn't happy with the last mile of the walk. Poor fella. He was super-duper well behaved with all the other doggies we met, though.


2005-09-25 Bike Trainer

I hadn't been on my trainer in AGES (I think my last time on the trainer at all was in early July, and my last real workout was in June!) But I had another busy day... up early to go Geocaching with Matt, then JM&C came over to the crib for a while. Eventually it was dark so I had to face either the treadmill or the bike trainer. I didn't feel like running, so I dusted off the bike trainer (literally) and put Debra on for a spin. I watched Ironman New Zealand while riding, so the workout went quick. IMNZ 2005 was a good race to watch.

I was a bit worried that I would have some power loss, but that didn't seem to be the case. 60 minutes, 17.1mph average including the warmup. I got stronger as I went, with the last 10 minutes being well over 18mph. No HRM. I gotta start wearing that thing again, if only to reevaluate my training zones.

I saw on set-upinc.com web site that Ed raced on Saturday. I hope he and Jody enjoyed the race. I'm super-happy that she got to see some road time. She was a great bike to me, and deserves many good miles on the road. She's almost 20 years old now, which in bike years makes her something like 100! Go Jody!

No workout yesterday. Met a dog in the afternoon, then made a nice dinner, had a bit too much wine, watched a movie, and bailed on my planned treadmill run.


2005-09-23 Bike

Legs were knackered from the past week's run focus, so I decided to simply poke around North Raleigh on Melinda. As with every other ride around North Raleigh, I found myself migrating over to Durant Park, where I discovered a new trail or two (nice tight/twisty singletrack!) I also manage to catch some air on some really sweet jumps (imagine I said that in my Napoleon Dynamite voice.) Pleasant ride... no pressure, just went wherever I felt like going, at whatever speed felt right.

105 minutes, probably never out of Z1 or Z2.


2005-09-22 Walk/Run/Walk

24:06 walk, 45:43 run (straight... no run/walk splits), 25:00-ish walk (forgot to stop my watch at the end). 95 minutes total. Unknown distance, but my speeds were probably about average.


2005-09-21 Walk/WalkRun/Walk

Same route as yesterday. 1.0 mile walk, 8.0 mile Walk/Run (on 1'/9' walk/run intervals), 1.0 mile walk. Fisrt walk was 15:00, walk/run was 74 minutes (~9:15/mile, the last run session was 11' instead of 9'), last walk was 16:10. 1:45:10 total.

Felt pretty good... the last run interval was as strong as the first... but my right hip flexor is a bit tight now.


2005-09-20 Walk/Run/Walk/Run/Walk

Didn't get a chance to work out yesterday... I was busy all day working on a computer program, then met with a doggie in the early evening, and didn't feel good in the late evening.

Today's walk/run was 21:49 walk, 22:00 trail run, 15:04 walk, 34:16 run (mix of greenway and trail), 21:52 walk. 1:55:02 total. 10 miles or so.

I can tell the days are getting shorter :-\. I met with a pooch in the afternoon, and didn't start my walk/run until almost 5:00PM. By the time I got back (a few minutes ago), it was already dark. [Sigh]


2005-09-18 Mountainbrick

Made the weekly Sunday pilgrimage to New Light. Got a late start, and hit the hottest part of the day. I spent the earlier part of the day meeting a few doggies at the Adoptathon at a local PETsMART.

First Loop, then Route 66, then a trail run from the parking lot to/around/from Easy Street. I did the First Loop much faster than normal, but screwed up the uphill sweeper at the end. I also had to stop at one point to let a black snack slither off the trail (I wasn't going fast enough to bunnyhop it.)

The trail run after the ride felt solid. No dead-leg feeling at all. 37:00 bike, 13:00 run. Short workout, but I was riding/running fairly hard.


2005-09-17 Mountainbike

Beaverdam. I forgot that Beaverdam is pay-to-play on weekends. Luckily I had enough $ on me to make the entrance fee. Determined to get my money's worth, I did every single inch of mountainbike trail in the park. West Loop to the intersection with the South Loop, then the entire South Loop including the "Drop Zone" sideloop, then the rest of the West Loop, the Outer Loop, and the Inner Loop. 2:07:04 total. I was a bit tired at the end because I only had water with me... no calories. The apple I had waiting for me at the truck wasn't exactly what I would call a filling post-workout meal. Luckily I had enough water that I never got dehydrated.

Weight when I got home: 158.5 lbs. ARGH!!!


2005-09-16 (W/R)^3 + W

21:03 walk, 22:13 trail run, 2:23 walk, 9:59 run, 8:19 walk, 8:51 very easy run (1.0 miles), 20:40 walk. 1:33:31 total.

Nothing special about today's workout.


2005-09-15 Walk/RUN/Walk/run/Walk

22:15 walk, then I decided to knock out a mile at hard effort. I did a 2.0 mile mod-hard effort during a workout recently (~7:24/mile), so I was curious how fast I could do a single mile. I used to time my single mile efforts when I ran on the ATT in Durham, but I haven't been over there at all since January, and I haven't been doing hard runs all summer. I've been trying to log miles of low/moderate effort instead.

Today's mile test went pretty well... first 0.25 in 1:40, then I picked up the pace a bit. Finished the mile in 6:33.90, which is better than I expected. I would have been happy with anything under 7:00.

The rest of the workout was 26:52 walk, 24:15 easy trail run, 22:07 walk. 1:42:05 total.

Ice bath after. Right piriformis was fine, but I'm still going to stretch and ice like mad tonight.


2005-09-14 Off

Taking the day off. I've been swamped with other projects all day, and don't feel like doing a workout simply for the sake of squeezing one in.


2005-09-13 Walk

6 miles. 80 minutes. Wandered north/east of my crib. Walked around a golf course at one point. A few rain showers passed over, which was a nice change. I hadn't walked in the rain in a very long time.

Stretching and perhaps Yoga planned for later.


2005-09-12 Walk

When I did my 13.2 mile walk on Saturday, I thought something was wrong with my math... either the distance or the time had to be off. I've always thought about my walking speed as "3.2mph or less", but today I realized that I hadn't timed a mile walk since before my compartment syndrome surgery back in 2003. My 3.2mph walk speed limit was from CS rather than fitness. I timed one the miles on my walk today, and it turns out my new default walk speed in 4.1mph.

Today's walk was exactly 2.0 hours / 8 miles. It was a great day for a walk, and I was in a great mood.

I tried to run at one point, but my entire upper body screamed "Hell no, dude, you aren't running today." Every time I would plant my foot, my abs/pecs/lats/obliques would want to continue down, and I felt like they were trying to rip all the way off my body (see last night's workout).

My bathroom scale showed 10.0% bodyfat (161 pounds) before the walk, 9.5% bodyfat (160 pounds) after. This is the first time the scale has ever read <10% bodyfat. Go me!


2005-09-11 Bunches of Crunches

Watched Ironman Wisconsin on ironmanlive.com all evening, and decided to do 100 crunches every time someone from the RTP area finished.

After 500 crunches, two folks from the area (Diane from my swim class, and someone from Cary) finished within two minutes of each other. I was only on crunch #50 of my first set of 100. I did NOT have 150 crunches left in me, so I did 50, then switched to a more simple "do one set of something core-related when someone crosses the finish line."

(Ughh, as I type this sentence, another person from Cary just crossed... I'm not gonna be able to move tomorrow)

2005-09-11 Mountainbike

New Light. 2 x [First Loop, fire roads back to parking lot], then Route 66. I dabbed only once, during the first ride on the First Loop. The dab happened on an annoyingly easy section, so I simply had to go back a second time and do it clean. Both the second ride on First Loop and the entire ride on Route 66 were 100% clean. I don't think I had cleaned Route 66 before, but I'm not sure.

Very solid ride. After the 70 minutes of riding, I felt as strong as when I started.

I haven't been using an HRM for any of my workouts lately. I'm curious what I will see when I start wearing one again. I suspect I will be pleased.


2005-09-10 Long walk / Short run

I picked up my race packet for the Duke Half IM tomorrow, but there is no way I'm going to do it. I simply don't want to, I'm just barely keeping injuries at bay, and I would only be doing the race to finish, not to race (this is against my nature... I like to do things 100% or 0%, and I don't like being in between.)

The weather was absolutely fantastic today, so I wanted to spend as much time outside as possible. I went to Umstead and did both the Sycamore and Company Mill trails. Total time was just over three hours. I ran ~2 miles, walked the rest. Total distance 13.2 miles.


2005-09-09 Walk/Swim/Walk

Walked to the pool, did a 30 minutes swim (almost all free, no rest stops, a few laps of breaststroke when I felt like), walked home. I got dizzy after about 20 minutes. The last 10 minutes were pure hell. I wasn't having any fun, so I bailed. I still feel like crap. I'm not sure if it the caffeine withdrawl headache from which I'm suffering, or if it was the dizziness from the swim.

Planning another workout tonight, but I'm not sure what it will be yet.


2005-09-08 Walk/Run/Walk

More or less the same route as yesterday, but I wanted more time on my feet so I explored a few other side trails. They were all dead ends. Oh well.

19:48 walk, 23:45 run, then all walk until the total time was 2:36:47.

I'm enjoying my long walks. Something happens approximately 90 minutes into a walk, where my mind just sort of drifts off, and I stop worrying about whatever it is that I'm worried about that day. I should probably go somewhere and do nice week-long hike or something. Maybe I should go knock off the northern part of the Shanendoa National Park... they part I missed during my thruhike? Hrmmm...


2005-09-07 Walk/Run/Walk/Run/Walk

22:07 walk, 21:48 trail run, 36:38 walk, 22:06 trail run (same trails as before), 20:23 walk (same as first walk). Two hours, three minutes total.

Right hip flexor a bit tight. Cold bath after... as least as cold as I could make it. My tap water is almost baby-pool warm.


2005-09-06 Swim

Strange swim. I felt both strong and lazy at the same time. Coach Phil's workouts are more complicated than Jim's were, so I can't quite remember it all. 300 warmup (all free), 4x200 (free, but can't remember the emphasis), 2x150 kick/kick w/board, 3x100 descending, 2x150 pull, 3x50 sprint, 3x200 descending (did the last 200 in 3:02, which is quite speedy for me!). 50 butterfly, which I actually finished... 7 strokes down, 8 back. 100 cooldown. 2800 yards total.

I was spent at the end. Walk to/from the pool. When I got home I poured a tall glass of wine, and started drinking while I cooked my salmon and brown rice. I was totally drunk by the time my salmon was ready. Dehydration, anyone?


2005-09-05 Walk/Stretch/Yoga

132 minute walk around Raleigh. Stretching and Yoga (did the basic and intermediate Yoga practices on my Yoga for Dummies DVD) after.


2005-09-04 Mountainbike

New Light is only open on Sundays now, so there was now way I was going to pass on it today. I was quite tired because I only got a few hours of sleep last night, but I still managed to ride the First Loop and Easy Street 100% clean. I was SMOOOOOOTH on the First Loop. The uphill sweeper to the left at the end of the loop was a piece of cake today. I nailed the perfect line, and remembered to use a higher gear than normal so I wouldn't spin out. Only 40 minutes of riding total, but cleaning First Loop makes it a Good Day In MarkWorld nonetheless.


2005-09-03 Bike

Duke Half IM course. Or rather, 54 miles of it. 174 minutes. 18.6mph average. Much better ride than my last few rides on this course. I think the cooler weather (only 91 degrees today!) helped a lot. I also had (almost) enough water with me this time. Started with three full bottles of carbopro+accelerade, and a full belly. Only stop was a bathroom/water refill stop at mile 38.

One thing to note: After my last few bike rides, my clothes and camelback have been COVERED in salt. This is abnormal, as I almost never notice salt on my clothes after a workout. I'm not sure if I'm losing more sodium than normal (my diet has been fairly low sodium this year, but not the past two weeks), or if I'm sweating less overall and thereby increasing the concentration of salt in the sweat but not the overall volume of salt. I'm not suffering any of the signs of electrolyte depletion... in fact I'm finishing my rides with feeling strong. But still, I need to figure out what is causing this salt-dump.


2005-09-02 Mountainbrick

Fan-damn-tastic mountain bike ride and trail run. Did the West and South loops at Beaverdam, plus a side trail during the South Loop. I had seen this side trail before, but never bothered to explore it. I thought it was a connector trail to cut off the South end of the loop. As I passed it today, I saw a sign that identified the side trail as "Drop Zone", a name which was FAR too interesting to pass up. True to its name, the side trail was a nice 10 minute stretch of huge whoopdeedoos. Huge ones. Scary big ones. The kind that scare the crap out of you as you approach them, then scare you more when you are on them and committed to riding them out, then still scare you when you shoot up the other side and think about what you just did. Great stuff! The trail loops around and connects back to the main South Loop only a few hundred yards from where it entered. I had so much energy after the Drop Zone that the flew through the rest of the South Loop. Even the rock garden section that usually nails me was an absolute breeze.

10 minute transition run after finishing the South/West loops. I felt more than strong enough, but I could feel some inflamation in the right piriformis, so I cut the run short. 92 minutes of cycling, 10:48 of running. Solid workout.


2005-09-01 Run/Swim/Run

Run to the pool (15 minutes flat), swim: 2200 yards, 500 breast, 2x50 butterfly, the rest was all free (no drilling, just a mix of speeds), run home (15 minutes flat again)