2005-10-31 Lunch ride

Lunchtime ride with Mike and Gerrit. Only 45 minutes, but we hit it pretty hard so it was a swell workout.

I stripped the seatpost bolt on Debra, so the entire ride was a balancing act, as I had to avoid sitting too far formward on the saddle. [sigh].


2005-10-30 Swim

Last few days have been hectic. My "workouts" have been limited to long walks with Dr. Dre. Thursday I was working all day, Friday I had a MUCH more enjoyable way to spend my evening :-), and yesterday I was visiting my father and stepmother all day.

Tonight's workout was a solid 40 minute swim. I felt myself getting tired and losing my form after 40 minutes, so I decided it was better to quit than build bad technique into my muscle memory. Did a fairly good (by my standards :-)) 200 IM at one point. Actually managed to finish the leading 50 butterfly with some energy, which I promptly blew on my backstroke. Oh well. 3:35 for the 200 IM, which isn't too much slower than what I swim when I'm in freestyle cruise mode.

Lunchtime bike ride planned for tomorrow. I'll try to Brick it, but only if I'm not spent from the ride.


2005-10-26 Swim

50 minutes, unknown distance. Warmup was a mix of free, drills, and breast. Then 2x200IM, 300 free, 300 back, 300 breast. Then some 100 free sprints (all ~1:25), then I can't remember what I did. The last 10 minutes were pretty lame.


2005-10-24 Swim

50 minutes, unknown distance. Freestyle for a while, then my first ever 200 IM (strokes done in the correct order). My butterfly was tiring, as 50 of butterfly always is for me, so the final three strokes were a bit ragged. But it was fun. I gotta work on my IM. Did another 200 IM, but the second one was just pathetic.

Then I did a mix of whatever I felt like doing for the rest of the time. 50 minutes total.


2005-10-23 Run

39 minutes, 3x(1' walk / 9' run), and 1x(1' walk, 8 minute run). Weather was perfect for running: Cool and dry. I didn't wear my HRM (come to think of it... I haven't worn one in MONTHS), but I suspect I was going fairly easy. I also suspect I was going fairly quick. My legs felt quite snappy.

Weight 158 this morning.

I haven't been logging my walks with Dreyfus, but I'm doing 2-3 walks per day with him, usually 20-40 minutes.


2005-10-22 Swim/Weights

Wasn't timing myself, but I felt really good in the water. 400 free, 300 breast, 300 back, 100 (2x50) butterfly. Does that make it a reverse 1100 IM :-)? Then a few hundred yards of drills, and I was done.

After swimming I hit the weight room for an upper body set. I want to be able to bench press my weight 10 times, something I've never been able to do. With my reduced weight, I think I can make this goal over the winter. I also still want to do 10 pullups, but I've been stuck at 7 for months now.


2005-10-21 Swim

Solid swim. 45 minutes, with a few rest breaks. Not sure of yardage. At one point I did 300 breast, 300 one-arm (300 each arm), 300 catchup, 300 back. The rest was a mix of free and fly. Did 150 of butterfly, which actually went fairly smooth. Also did some 100 sprints, finishing in 1:26, 1:28, and 1:29... which is just fine with me.


2005-10-18 Lunch Brick

Lunchtime ride with Gerrit and Mike. Great route. Awesome PA farmland, with rolling hills the entire way. Nice weather (temperature and humidity) but nasty winds. Very, very fun ride. Debra was most happy with me.

58 minute ride (unknown distance) followed by a 9 minute transition run. The run was horrid... my legs were not in running mode.


2005-10-15 Core

When I wasn't out and about during the afternoon-evening, I was watching the Hawaii Ironman webcast. I did a core set every time they had a commercial break... 400 crunches or so, with 3x10 side planks, and one set of [can't remember how many] pushups.

I was hoping to stay up late enough to see Sarah Reinertsen finish, but I fell asleep too early. She was trying to become the first above-the-knee amputee female to finish an Ironman. Last year she missed the bike cutoff time by only a few minutes. This year she made it (so I have read on the triathlon web sites.) Go Sarah!


2005-10-15 Walk

...done with Dreyfus. We walked to the YMCA (0.25 miles walking, 0.22 miles as the crow flies), then walked around the area North of my apartment, then back to the apartment to play for a bit in the fenced doggie area. I talked to another dog owner, and she recommended her vet (which was, I think the same one I was thinking about going to after my research on the web.)

My back is tweaked from the workout I got while packing/unpacking.


2005-10-13 Loading my Uaul

You don't think loading a UHaul counts as a workout? Bite me.

I loaded my TV, TV stand, Sofa, and entire bedroom set... by myself. A friend was going to help me after work, but I had some nervous energy to burn, and I was impatient :-). Moving a sofa from your apartment to a moving truck DEFINITELY counts as a workout when you do it by yourself.

A friend in PA is helping me unload tomorrow. I won't be stupid enough to try and unload by myself. I've proved I can do it solo if needed... now I'll swallow my pride and accept some help. (Pride aside, I probaly won't be able to move tomorrow :-)).


2005-10-11 Walk/Core

Long(ish) walk with Dreyfus in the AM. A few core sets randomly spaced thru the day. Same as yesterday.

I've had pizza for dinner three days in a row now. I'm going to NEED a few good workouts once I get to PA!


2005-10-10 (Off for a few days)

Been spending a few minutes per day doing core stuff and stretching, but other than that my only exercise has been walking Dreyfus twice/day.


2005-10-06 Swim

No watch, no plan. Just hopped in a started swimming. If I had to guess, I would say I was only in for 30 minutes. I remember doing 300 of catch-up drill at one point, then 300 breast, and 2x150 one-arm (150 right, 150 left). Other than that, it was all freestyle. My drills felt fairly solid, my freestyle did not.


2005-10-05 Swim

5x200 free, all on 4:00 (coming in at 3:35 or so... not at all speedy!). Then I drilled a bit, did 250 breast, some more drills, and a final set of 300 free. Probably 2100 yards or so total. My mind was elsewhere today.

Not a good workout. I can't seem to do good swim workouts by myself. I can't explain why.


2005-10-04 Core

Been busy. Squeezed in a core workout while watching something on TV tonight.

Gonna try to do a swim-focus for a while. I have to use up my punch pass card for the pool here in Raleigh. Even if I swim every day until I move (next friday!), I think I will still have a punch or two left on the card.

(OK, I know I could simply give my punch pass to someone who needs it, but that would be far too sensible. A swim-focus makes more sense)

Oh, and I'm also going to try to mountainbike every available trail, weather permitting. It will be sad to say goodbye to my favorite trails.


2005-10-01 Run

Who said he wasn't going to run for a while? Couldn't have been me ;-).

60 minute (exactly) run. 6.4 miles, all on 1'/9' walk/run splits. Started from my father's crib, set the watch for 10' intervals, went 30 out / 30 back. My father said it was exactly 3.1 miles to the point where I was at 1 minute from my turnaround, so I figure the distance was slightly over 6.4 miles.

Beautiful weather for a run today. 60 degrees, low humidity, perfectly clear skies. There are only a few days like this per year in PA :-), so I didn't want to waste this one.

My job interview yesterday went well... I had a job offer in my email by the time I got back to my father's place. Looks like I'll have a busy next few weeks as I sort out the logistics of the move. I'll work out when I can, but probably won't get back in to a groove until I'm settled in PA.