2005-11-28 Swim

Short but good swim. 300 free warmup, then repeats of mod-hard 100's, leaving on 2:00, coming in under 1:30. 200 breast, 50 butterfly (felt great), then 8x25 breast underwater, 300 of drills, and I was done.


2005-11-27 Bike Trainer

warmup, 45 minutes @ 18.low, cooldown. HR climbed steadily to 140. stretch after.


2005-11-26 Treadmill Run

0.5 mile warmup, 4.low miles, 4x[1' @ 3.5mph, 9' @ 6.5mph], all @ 0.0% grade, HR 140-145 while running, recovered down to ~115 during walk. Felt good. I'm not going to push my running until at least January... My right piriformis isn't 100%, but I think these light treadmill runs are helping it more than they are irritating it. Everything else feels fine. I want to make sure I start my 2006 season 100% healthy.


2005-11-25 Treadmill Run

Way too cold to run outside today, so I did 4.0 miles on the treadmill, all @ 1% grade, 6.5mph. HR steady at 147ish for the entire run.


2005-11-23 Swim/Run

1000 swim, with 200 breast and 100 back mixed with 700 free. 1:45/100 for almost the entire thing. 50 butterfly to end things, then I did a quick transition and hit the treadmill for 30 minutes. My HR was WAY low for the speed I was going. My running has definitely improved since the last time I did the numbers on a treadmill.

I'm glad I did this workout, because after the workout JM/Conan stopped in for a visit (on their way back to Lewisburg for turkeyday.) JM and I went out to eat, and I stuffed myself senseless. I plan to do the same tomorrow at turkeyday dinners.


2005-11-20 Swim

Strange swim. Warmup was 200 free, but then I decided to try some backstroke. I very rarely do backstroke, for the simple reason that I don't enjoy it. Anyway, tonight my backstroke was slammin (by my standards)! My backstroke flipturns were really solid. I was timing my flips just right, and gliding a bit passed the flags after my pushoff. I was holding 1:40/100 without any problem, which is faster than I swim freestyle! WTF? I did that for 500 yards, then stopped when my form started to slip. I didn't want to put bad form into my muscle memory.

Next I switched to breast. Felt pretty good there, too. At one point, I had a really good push off the wall, and an even better first pull. I was inspired by a video I saw earlier today to do a length underwater. Usually I need to prepare for an underwater 25 by taking a huge breath, but this time I was able to do it mid-set. I rested a bit, then tried to make 50 yards, but only made 40 or so... and even that was really tough. How the dude in the video is able to do 166 meters, I will never know. Swimming breaststroke underwater was fairly instructive, so I did 8x25 of them, resting for about 30 seconds between each. I learned a few things about how to time my pull and kick, as well as how to extend my glide after the pull. I'm gonna have to add underwater lengths as a regular part of my routine. I've only ever done them for fun, never fully appreciating their educational value.

Then I did some freestyle drills... 100 each of fist, one-arm (100 each arm) and catchup.

Short workout, but I enjoyed it. Stretch-fest after. Legs are a bit tired from yesterday's run, but I did a long dog walk earlier in the day with Dreyfus and MB/Codi. The walk helped shake my legs out a bit.


2005-11-19 Run

4x10' [1' walk, 9' run] from my apartment. Worked my way up to Market St. via back roads or alleyways, then went east on Market until my 2nd 10' interval was up, turned around, and came home the same way. Return trip took an extra 20 seconds. HR limit of 145 was in effect, but I let it climb to 150 or so a few times. Most of the time I was around 140.

The Google Pedometer says my route was 4.65 miles, or about 8:40/mile for the 40:20.

Stretch and cold bath after.


2005-11-16 Swim

Yikes. Been busy lately, and I have failed to make time to work out. Bad Markie! Bad Markie! No dog treat for you!

Got myself to the pool tonight, though. 200 free warmup, then 7x100 free on 1:45 (holding easily at the start, and with difficulty at the end). Then 2x200 one arm drill, 200 each of back, breast, and free, then 3x50 butterfly. I was going to try for 75 butterfly on the last one, but didn't have the energy. So I hopped out of the pool, feel generally good. As I walked past the other pool, the coach of the Y kids team belted out "100 butterfly... GO!", and every damn one of those little punks railed off a solid 100 butterfly. Bastards. I'm gonna have the endurance for a 100 butterfly before next spring, dammit.


2005-11-12 Bike

1:47:13, 29.8 miles. Rode from my crib to work (exactly 20 minutes, exactly 6.2 miles), then I did an extended version of one of the standard lunchtime rides. I turned left on sample bridge instead right, because I wanted to see what it was like when it hit the mountain. Steep... that's what it was like. But eventually Sample Bridge turned west and went parallel to the ridgeline. Then it hit Miller's Gap Rd., which appeared to go the rest of the way over the mountain. "Sounds like fun!", thought our hero. "Looks steep!", he thought next. Steep doesn't begin to cover it. The next 12 minutes or so were all spent standing... in my lowest gear... going about 5mph... with my HR pegged. Damn, that road was steep! The paved road stopped at the top, so I enjoyed the view for a while, then turned around and went down the same hill. I hit 52.6 mph on the descent, and I was on my brakes for a while. I took Miller's Gap Rd. back over Wertzville road until it hit Sunset Dr., then took Sunset back to Sample Bridge, and this time took Sample Bridge back to 11, and home.

Fun ride. A bit chilly, but my toe warmers, fleece tights, leg warmers, two pairs of shorts, arm warmers, and skull cap all kept me warm. My lungs got a bit hammered by the cold/dry air, but other than that I felt pretty good.

I got home, made a Famous Mark Rebuck Slimfast+Frozen Banana+Orange Juice+Milk+Breyer's Strawberry Cheescake Yogurt smoothie, and decided to watch some TV (something I haven't been doing at all). As soon as I sat down, the 2005 Ironman Triathlon World Championship came on NBC. What timing!


2005-11-10 Swim

Started strong, faded fast. 500 free warmup, on 1:45 without difficulty, then 200IM (3:30 even), 200 breast, 200 free, and I was done.

James from work caught me on the way out (good thing he stopped me, I didn't recognize him at all... funny how hard it is to recognize someone when you meet them in one context then see them in another). He mentioned that he was there to swim with the masters group, which is cool because I've been wondering when they swim there. I think I need to hook myself up with the masters group because my swim workouts suck when I do them solo. Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know I've said I'm gonna start swimming with masters before. This time I mean it!


2005-11-08 Lunch Ride

Lunchtime ride with Mike and Gerrit. Same route as Friday, but I forgot to bring my GPS unit, so I can't do the "race" feature from motionbased.com. Oh well.

Slightly faster than average ride. I felt pretty darn good. I had the entire course memorized, so I was able to hit the hills slow at the start and hard over the top... the way a person should hit these rollers.

40something minutes, 17.7ish mph.


2005-11-07 Swim

1000 free warmup (trying but failing to hold 1:45... hrmm... don't know why I was so slow today. Ended up about 40 seconds long, so I was @ 1:49/100 for the 1000. Yuck!), then 200 each of back and breast, then some breast kick, then some drills, some more breast, 50 fly (pretty smooth), and I was done.

Uploaded the GPS data from Friday's ride to www.motionbased.com, should anyone have enough time that they actually want to look. Here's the full link. You'll have to register (free), and possibly download Adobe's SVG viewer. The log is a bit off because I didn't stop my GPSr at the end of the ride... so my lunch trip to Subway is recorded along with the bike portion :).


2005-11-06 Swim

500 free warmup (8:31), 200IM (3:29), 200 breast kick, 150 kick, 400 free, done. Felt generally good during this swim.

20 minute stretch session after.

On a different note: I met with MB/Codi at the dogpark in Lower Allen Community park yesterday. A cyclocross race in was progress nearby. Dr. Dre and I watched the last 50 minutes of the elite/pro mens race, and naturally I started to think about trying my hand at the sport. Of course, this would require that I buy a cyclocross bike. And the lunchtime rides I've been doing have me thinking about buying a dedicated road bike, too. Argh! I sold off two bikes this year, now I'm thinking about buying two more?!?!


2005-11-04 Lunch Ride

Lunch ride with Mike and Gerrit. 47 minutes, and I wore my HRM for the first time in a VERY long time. Highest I saw was 162, with an average of 140. I actually felt like I was riding harder than those numbers would suggest. 17.something mph average. The coolish (70 degree) weather probably helped a lot.


2005-11-03 Lunch Ride

Lunch ride with Mike. Crossed the A.T. a few times again... I'm loving it when that happens. I misjudged the length of a few hills, which made it an interesting ride. I thought I was sprinting over the top, only to discover that I was only half-way up the hill. Then I had the pleasure of spending the second half of the hill already fried from my sprint up the lower half. Oooops. I did this at least half a dozen times. Oh well, good interval training, I guess. 54 minutes total, 17.something mph.