2006-01-29 Swim

Worst... swim... ever. I'm not even going to bother to document the details. Let's just say that this swim session had absolutely no redeeming value whatsoever, other than its relative value at some future date. Someday I'll be having a really bad swim session, but at least I'll be able to say "well, at least it isn't as bad today as it was on January 29th, 2006... boy did that swim session suck ass!!!"

I signed up for a few local triathlons. I'll have two near me in may (two weeks apart), and one a bit north of here (near my father's house) in august. All sprint distance.


2006-01-28 Bike

I left all of my biking gear at work yesterday, but didn't remember until after I got home. So I had to go back in to pick the stuff up today. This gave me the perfect excuse to put in another ride starting/ending from the office. I started the same way I usually start a ride from work, but this time I went left on Valley View and stayed to the west of my normal route. I worked my way north to Wertzville, then decided to go up the mountain. Wertzville was slightly easier than the road I tried last time, but it was still plenty tough. On the way back down, the sign said "8% grade next 1 1/4 miles", which means it was slighty > 500 feet of climbing. But it was one of those roads that is 4% for a while, then 12% for a while. The steep parts killed me. I need to get some lower gearing. Maybe I'll move the Ultegra 10 crank / bottom bracket from UnnamedNewBike to Debra, then move Debra's bottom bracket to UnnamedNewBike along with a compact crank. Hrmmm...

After coming back down Wertzville, I took 944 towards Carlisle Springs, then poked around on various roads north of 81 but south of Wertzville. The Appalachian Trail runs north through that area, so I kept weaving back and forth trying to follow it as much as I could.

No HRM (though I suspect my HR was high the entire ride), no watch (I would guess 100 minutes), no cyclecompter (I would guess 25ish miles). Random sidebar: I went bowling with I/CJ and RB last night. Today, my entire right forearm and wrist were tweaked and I actually had trouble shifting. It cracks me up that the seemingly easy activity of *bowling* can cause muscle fatigue if I haven't done it in a while.


2006-01-27 Bike

Afternoon ride from work. MH was out sick, and GP was at a customer site, so I was solo again. Same route as last time.

No HRM, no watch, no cyclecomputer, no clue how fast I was going, no problem! It was a bit chilly, but sunny and calm... nothing a few layers of technical clothing couldn't handle.


2006-01-24 Bike

Lunchtime ride. Generic route. MH had a sales call, and GP didn't want to mess with the chilly weather. No computer on this bike yet, and I didn't start my watch, so I don't know my speed. I was wearing my HRM though. HR and RPE were once again out of sync (HR high relative to RPE.)

UnnamedNewBike is a sweet ride. She'll be great on group / short rides. Debra will still be my solo / long distance ride though.


2006-01-23 Treadmill Run

Much like last night's trainer ride, I felt like I was going easy, but my HR was elevated. WU, 3x(9' run, 1' walk), CD. All run sessions were 1% grade, 6.5mph / 9:13/mile. HR was 150 or so for the run.

My weight is stable in the mid 160's, which is great. My plan is to keep my diet more or less constant as I increase my training volume again, which should get me back to the low 160's by spring.

Bike ride planned for tomorrow. Weather is calling for temps in the high 40's, with wind. This would normally be too cold, but dammit, I have a new bike and I want to ride her.


2006-01-22 Bike Trainer

Didn't log a few workouts last week. Did two really good core workouts, one bike trainer ride, and two swims. Nothing too spectacular. I'm getting bored easily during my workouts, but I can't explain why.

Tonight was a 45 minute spin on the trainer. I felt like I was going easy, but I checked my HR at one point and saw it was 150.


2006-01-16 Bike Trainer

I was sick of riding NewBike (no name for her yet :-)) around the block, where I can only last for one or two laps before I'm frozen solid. So I put her on the trainer for a light 40 minute spin. I mixed up the speed and cadence quite a bit to give me a chance to play with the shifters. Shimano Ultegra STI is some pretty sweet stuff! I can't get over how quickly and smoothly it shifts.


2006-01-12 Bike

Woohoo! Near-record highs today, and DL was up from the Conshohocken office, so we hit a bike ride during lunch. Gerrit is in VA for a class this week, and Mike has a business lunch, so it was just DL and me. Normal route from work, 45ish minutes, unknown speed. I was a bit weak, but nothing too horrible. The weather was absolutely perfect for a ride, so I'm glad DL suggested it. I don't watch the weather forecasts any more (too depressing :)), but apparently DL was right when he said that the forecast was calling for rideable weather.


2006-01-11 Swim

Short swim. Was stuck on a work problem, and figured a swim might clear my head. Started strong (my warmup was 3x100 free, each time coming in right around 1:28), but before long I was both tired and bored. 1400 yards total, with an even mix of free/breast/back. Did 2x50 fly at one point, and felt really good (7 strokes per 25)

DL is coming up from the Conshohocken office tomorrow, and the weather is apparently going to crack 50 degrees, so we're going for a bike ride during lunch.


2006-01-09 Core

I was working from home in the early evening, and by the time I got done it was too late to hit the pool for a swim. So I did a core workout. Did the Gordo hip progression, then various crunches/twists/etc.

I also did 4 sets of 25 pushups. I don't recall being able to do 25 pushups before. I'm used to being fried after 20 or so.

I broke down and bought another bike. I've now purchased seven bikes in my life, but I've never purchased a kitchen table.


2006-01-08 Swim

30 minute swim. Can't remember what all I did. Mix of free, breast, back, and kick. My form felt good until my shoulders got weak. Luckily, I know from previous breaks that my swim strength builds up quickly. It won't take me long to get back to the point where I get bored-to-death long before I get tired :).

In other news: I've been feeling like a putz for a while now because the damn YMCA youth swim team is so much faster than me. Well, today I saw a new banner on the wall. The banner reads "West Shore YMCA, 2005 National Runner-Up, Girls Swim Team". I suppose I can live with these young punks being faster than me, if these young punks are national-calibre.

2006-01-08 Run

AM Run around Camp Hill. Can't remember the exact route. 3x[1' walk, 9' run]. Felt fine for the first 20 minutes, then started to drag butt.


2006-01-04 Bike Trainer

45 minutes. Easy for 10 minutes, HR @ 145 for 25 minutes, easy for 10 minutes.

My cycling power is a little bit down, naturally. But I'm still starting 2006 in much better shape than 2005. I'm thinking about buying a road bike, but I'm still not quite over the pain from getting ripped off on EBay on the last bike I tried to buy... sigh. I'm keeping my eyes open for good deals on remaining 2005 bikes.


2006-01-03 Bike Trainer

'k. It's 2006. Time to ramp things up again. I took the last two weeks almost entirely off.

Tonight was a simple 40 minute spin on the bike, followed by some core stuff (Gordo's Hip Progression routine, sittups, etc.)

I have to plan out my races this season, but have not done so yet.