2006-06-30 Bike

Afternoon ride with GP. He's been throwing down TT times on the climb up Miller's Gap, so it was time for me to set a baseline myself.

It was ugly. I saw 184 on the HRM at one point... the highest I've ever seen. I saw 183 while mountainbiking in NC a few summers ago, but 184? Cripes. I had to stop for a minute about 3/4 of the way up the climb. Final time (Wertzville to top of climb) was 13:58, which was a minute faster than I expected, even with the minute break. So I shouldn't complain tooooo much. GP was up in 11:55, close to his best time of 11:43. I can get down to 12:45 or so whithout too much fuss, but getting 11:43 is going to require some work... if I can do it at all. GP clearly has my number on climbs. He's lighter, and I'm usually on Debra, who isn't much of a climbing bike. On the old TT route, I still have the record, but the old TT route caters to Debra's strenghts. The Miller's Gap TT route is all about the engine and bodyweight, and GP has a comfortable lead on me in both categories.

Must... get... back... into... groove...


2006-06-29 Swim

Masters swimming is at the long-course (outdoor) pool south of me until further notice. So I sucked it up and made the drive. This was the first time I've been in the pool in weeks, the first time I've been swimming outdoors since last (August, was it?), and only the 3rd or 4th time in my life I was swimming long-course. Weird pool. Eight feet deep at one end, TWO feet deep at the other. And some of the folks were doing flipturns in the two foot end :).

Form was horrible, fitness was horrible, pool was filthy, and I left my pull buoy there. But I did manage to find a whole nickel in the shallow end.

(Which reminds me... I lost one of my favorite water bottles on today's bike ride. Two workouts, two lost pieces of gear. go figure.)

2006-06-29 Bike

KL (the only member of the "chaingang" mailing list @ work with whom I have not yet ridden) was at the main office this week, so he brought his bike and GP and I went for a ride with him. GP had warned me that KL was fast... now I believe it :). I needed every last bit of Debra's aerodynamic goodness today. Luckily the course was flat, so my relative power disadvantage was mitigated by my relative aerodynamic advantage. We had to take a southern route today to avoid the Conodoguinet, which is flooded at more or less every crossing. All of our northern routes (toward the ridgeline) have their roads blocked. Nice ride today, though.

...considering HOW LONG I'VE BEEN SLACKING!!! I have no idea what happened, but I haven't been working out at all lately. No particular reason. I suppose it was the combination of rainy weather, a busy work schedule, mid-summer burnout, swim class moving to the outdoor pool (to which I would have to drive instead of walk), and projects which are consuming my evening time. Oh well. I really enjoyed the ride today, and would like to start getting back into the groove or riding during the week. There is a rumour that the new building is going to have its workout room (and, therefore, showers) ripped out. How annoying would that be? Luckily, at the rate the move date is slipping, we won't be in there until it is cool enough that I won't need to shower after :-).


2006-06-21 Tennis

Tennis with AS, BH, and RB. My serve made an appearance at one point, but I'm still making horrendous unforced errors. Oh well, at least I'm getting a chance to play racquet sports again. IJ tells me there are squash courts at the East Shore YMCA. Maybe I'll have to see if i can get some of that action going.

One thing I forgot to mention in yesterday's journal: When I went to dig out my racquets for last night's tennis match, I found three racquets instead of the expected two. I have absolutely no idea when, where, or why I purchased the third racquet. When I moved from NC to PA, I discoved three Everlast leather jumpropes which I likewise never remembered buying. I know I like to buy sporting gear, but having gear that I don't even remember buying... that's just weird.


2006-06-20 Tennis

Tennis with BH & A/MS. BH and I fought hard, but lost the tiebreaking game of the second set.

Playing racquetball with BK has totally borked my tennis game. I kept trying to wrist my way through the tennis game, and that is a sure recipe for disaster. My serves started to pick up during the second set, but overall my tennis game was WEAK. Ughh.


2006-06-17 Racquetball

AM racquetball with BK. Been swamped all week with work or my latest photography project. Masters swimming was at the long-course pool south of here while the indoor pool is down for some construction work. I couldn't get out of work in time to get to the outdoor pool, and simply didn't feel like making up the workout any other way.

Hopefully the work crunch will end this week and I'll be able to get back to a more solid workout schedule.


2006-06-10 Run

Run around Camp Hill. Worked my way east from home, then back. 4x[1' walk / 9' run]. Last run cut to 7:04 because I was back at my aparment. 4.5ish miles. Probably ~8:00/mile for the run sections, ~15:00/mile for the walks.

Shins/quads/hamstrings/glutes... none of them felt good.


2006-06-08 Bike

Afternoon ride with JL (on his sweet new Orbea ride) and GP. Standard country club route. First time that I've been *warm* on a ride from work in... ever?

Skipped swimming. Took a looooong nap after dinner, then watched a movie, played with Dreyfus, and went to bed. Good choice, imho... I haven't been getting nearly enough sleep lately. Do you realize that the average human got 9 hours of sleep per night before the invention of the electric light bulb, but only gets an average of 7 hours per night now? Well, I'm the kind of fella who needs my damn 9 hours.


2006-06-06 Swim

Standard masters swim stuff. Final set was a relay of 25's. On my first 25, my left calf cramped the instant I left the wall. I massaged that cramp out by the time i took off for my second time... when my right calf cramped. I had zero warning either time. Grrrr...

I have identified two possible causes of these cramps (lack of hydration with dinner, lack of electrolyte intake). I will modify both of these issues.


2006-06-04 Bike

Went back to the same place I went with GP and MH last weekend (325, I think it was). Great road for constant-effort workouts. 10 minute warmup, then 54 minutes mod-hard (I was trying to make it to the intersection of 325 and whatever it hits, but never saw another road. I thought 22 miles was enough to make it. Odd.) The I turned around and went mod-hard until I was back to where I ended my warmup.

It was raining off/on the entire time, but was overall quite pleasant. I ended the ride a bit chilled, but not much.

I really like this road. Nothing but state game lands on either side the entire way. Little traffic. Nice road surface. And an A.T. crossing to get me in a good mood.

44.0 miles total, 21.0mph average, including warmup and cooldown. I was up to 21.3mph average at one point on the return trip. My computer might still be reporting high by a % or two.

2006-06-03 Weights/Core

Went to the Y with no particular workout in mind. It was either going to be a swim or a run. But at the last minute I decided to do weights/core stuff instead. Did a random mix of chest/shoulder/back/arm stuff in the weight room, then went upstairs and wailed at my core for a while.

As I type this (Sunday afternoon), I can tell it was an effective workout... every inch of my body above my waist is sore :-).


2006-06-01 Swim

1x3000. i'm not really sure how much i did, because i got bored simply thinking about 1x3000. i did a mix of drills (mostly catchup), straight free, and 100 sprints. i was still bored. this was exactly the wrong night for a boring workout, because i was a bit frustrated about some other issues in my life, and i was hoping to be able to vent at the pool.

oh well.