2006-07-16 Bike

Bike with GP, on possibly the flatest route possible in this area. just over 1,000' of climbing, but spread out of 36 or so miles. Trindle to 117 to 34 to Trindle and back. Managed to get down to Boiling Springs, for one of the local A.T. crossings that I hadn't been to since coming back to PA. Didn't stop at the ATC building there, though. I'll have to do that again sometime.

Nice flat ride. I was (literally) in the big ring in the front for the entire ride.

I couldn't believe how hot I got when we would stop at red lights. When riding, I was warm but it was bearable. But the instant we stopped, I would start to suffocate from the heat. Rumor has it that tomorrow is supposed to be 90+ degrees with a heat index of 108. Argh!

B is coming down tonight. She is using the Rebuck Cribs (mine and my father's) as her home bases for her search to figure out where she's gonna throw down some East Coast Style, after well over a decade doing it West Coast Style. Maybe I can drag her out to get some excercise with me at some point.

2006-07-14 Bike

over, around, up, over, down, and back. past that place with the thing.

(I forgot the street names, obviously :-))

Up to the base of Sterrits gap, then over to mountain road (not on the ridge), then back. t'was quite warm.


2006-07-13 Bike

Lunch ride on the same southern loop that GP and I did with KL the other week. I love the variety of rides I can do from work, from pure-hills if I head north up Sterrit's or Miller's Gaps, to mod-hilly I stay just south of the ridge, to mod-flat if I go west, to flat if I go south. Today's ride worked well because it was flat enough that I could get a good workout while trying to keep up with GP, who is mostly bionic these days. Debra really helps close my power-disadvantage-gap during the stretches where we are cruising at 25mph for several minutes at a time.


2006-07-11 Tennis

I was worried, playing tennis only a few hours after a crappy bike ride, but things worked out fine. BK joined AS, BH, and myself. I can take BK in racquetball, but when we played tennis in college, he absolutely whooped my ass. Hard. Every time we played. (Well, every time but one... I'm not kidding. I only beat him once in all the times we played. And I'm not proud of how I behaved to get the win :-)) Luckily for me, he was off his game a bit. He was making the kind of unforced errors that I was making when I started playing tennis again just recently. When his game comes back on form, I'm quite sure he'll be humiliating me just as much as always :-).

My serve made a nice appearance, and I wasn't even making quite as many unforced errors as normal. I was still making more than I like, but overall I was winning points on good hits as often as I was losing them on errors.

Borrowed AS's racquet while warming up. He has a "real" racquet, not like the crappy pre-strung pieces of junk that I've acquired. I couldn't believe what a difference it made. He said the strings were too loose, but I still hit the ball better with his racquet than my own. So that got me thinking: I can't be out-geared by a damn *kid*. I'm the guy with four bikes, two bowling balls, enough hiking/camping gear to outfit three everest expeditions, etc., etc. etc. If I can't be "Gear Guy", who am I? It's like I'll have lost all sense of identity! I've lost my sense of self before, and wasn't a fun experience.

...so as soon as I got home I scoured the net to find a good deal on a "real" racquet. No more cheap gear for Gear Guy, dammit. :-)

2006-07-11 Bike

Afternoon bike with GP. I was sluggish as hell. It might have been the giant plate of extra-spicy general tso's chicken i had for lunch (BH: "Gee, I asked for mine spicy and it's kindda mild", Me: [Face is dripping sweat from the spice] "Uhhh... maybe I got yours by mistake"). Maybe it was the ongodly heat... the kind that makes you sleepy the instant you swim into it. Maybe it was just my recent slack. Whatever it was, it was a patheticly weak ride. I almost feel bad for making GP (who is quite speedy these days) slow down for me. Almost.


2006-07-06 Tennis

Showed up two minutes late (literally), which was apparently too late because The Crew had shifted from the Creekview courts over to the ones on Sporting Hill. Thankfully, AS made a return trip to get me just as I was leaving (oops... forgot my cellphones.)

Two sets. My game is slowly coming around. I was still making many mistakes, but I think I have a better handle on why. It was cooler today, so I only lost 2-3 pounds during the match :).


2006-07-04 Tennis

Tennis with BH and [A/M]S. Team S left after the second set, BH and I played another. I'm frustrated by my tennis game. BH doesn't put much pace on his hits, and every time I try to put some pace on the returns, I make unforced errors. I did manage to figure out part of what I'm doing to cause the errors... it's a timing issue to the ball arriving later than I thought.

I'm surprised how weak my core has become. My abs/obliques/lower back are all feeling the last two days of tennis (in a good way, though.)


2006-07-03 Tennis

Tennis with BH. My serve was coming around, the rest of my game was not. I was extremely frustrated by my unforced errors (the frustration, of course, compounded the errors... sigh)

Drank a water bottle of gatorade during, then pounded a slimfast shake after I got home, then weighed myself... down 6-7 pounds from my wakeup weigh-in. Dehydrated much, Mark?